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Why do you need to soundproof a dog kennel?

domestic_soundproofingWe all know that dogs bark. It’s a fact, and sometimes we can’t stop them barking. A solution would be to soundproof your kennels.

Are you a kennel owner or a dog lover with a few dogs and keep them in outside kennels? Maybe you are a manager of an animal shelter.

Whatever the answer and however much of a dog whisperer or animal lover you are, sometimes there’s no way to stop the noise of barking dogs. The only way to fix dog kennel noise issues is by installing soundproofing to the kennel.

Most dog Kennels, have concrete floors and breeze block walls with some fencing near the front, this create a perfect scenario for echoes and amplifying noise. Because the surfaces are hard, sound waves bounce off them and back into the space. Yet it is a necessity to keep hard surfaces for cleaning which is significant.

Dog owners want to make sure their dog is happy, our pets are part of our family. When they visit your kennel with the prospect of boarding their pet and hear the piercing sound of multiple barking dogs barking or howling, it could put them off using you then your business suffers.

If you live near a kennels or animal shelter then you may realise another common problem of dog kennels is complaints from neighbours. Barking dogs can disturb nearby homes and businesses.

Noise killer can provide products to help fix your noise problems. You may not realise how much of a problem the barking can be and installing soundproofing products, can be so advantageous.

Have you thought that Soundproofing can actually help reduce stress in your animals too?

Are you aware that the constant noise from barking and howling can cause stress to your animal and causes changes in behaviours?

We all have watched animal programmes on the television, and we are all familiar with the RSPCA, and one things that that aggravates and stresses most of us is animal abuse. The RSPCA has dedicated trained staff and have a responsibility to ensure welfare of animals. They are exposed to many cases of behaviour changes from animals that may have experienced stress. Do you think that, as an animal lover, you may be abusing your animals by exposing them to excessive noise?

In employment employees can wear hearing protectors wear needed, dogs don’t have this option. It is proven that excessive noise in boarding kennels and animal shelters can physically stress dogs and lead to behavioural, physiological and anatomical responses. We wear ear protection by law when noise reaches 80dB research has shown that some noise levels in kennels has reached 118.9dB. Applying sound proofing where possible can help reduces noise and therefore reduce stress for the dogs.

So how can Noise killer soundproofing help?

  • Soundproofing can assist in reducing and absorbing the noise of barking dogs within your building, so, therefore, be more considerate of surrounding communities.
  • Reduce the noise of barking dogs within the kennel. Dog owners will be more likely to leave their dog in your care, and your business will improve.
  • Provide a safe working environment for your employees by reducing the noise volume.

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