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NoiseKiller were happy to help the NEXT GENERATION BOAT PROJECT

The NEXT GENERATION BOAT PROJECT aims to give young people a taste of life on a narrow boat, and to teach them the disciplines of narrow boating and the joys of life on the locks and canals of Northern England. Run by Steve and Lesley Carter, the project recently purchased a new boat shell and has now set about completely furnishing the boat in readiness for use.

When Noisekiller Acoustics became aware of this worthwhile and exciting project they were happy to donate both materials and installation of top quality marine soundproofing for the engine room, prior to the installation of the engine. The pictures on this page were taken during installation of the soundproofing materials at Barnoldswick.

Noisekiller 12 Lead Sandwich was used on the Marine Ply area of the deck. Noisekiller 12 Lead Sandwich is designed to block the engine sounds and absorb these sounds within the engine room and greatly reduce the noise from reaching the deck area. It is foil-faced which provides a wipe clean surface and ensures the open cell acoustic foam does not become contaminated with oil spills or diesel fumes. When being used to hang upside down, Noisekiller 12 Lead Sandwich (self-adhesive) should be given extra support, which can be achieved by using self-tapping screws and “penny washers” fixed through the material into the deck boards.

The metal area of the deck was soundproofed using Noisekiller 6 Foil Faced material. The damping layer of this material lies next to the metal deck, thus reducing vibrations in the metal. The open cell acoustic foam layer absorbs the airborne sounds of the engine. This material also has a fire proof foil facing.

The bulkhead, between the engine room and the living quarters, was soundproofed by using Noisekiller 12 Lead Sandwich. This gives excellent sound reduction of the noise that transmits from the engine room into the living area.

For further information on the Next Generation Project

Visit www.ngbp.com


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA narrow boat hatch