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Acoustic curtains save staff feud

A company contacted us regarding there noise problem. They basically had a warehouse size building which was split in half. One half was the store and stock room and the other was fancy meeting rooms/ display area. The wall that split the two areas only went as high as the ceiling in the meeting room side. Therefore all the noise from the staff/radio/moving equipment in the store area travelled above this adjoining wall and through the thin ceiling tiles that were suspended from the beams above the meeting room.

IMG_0666 (Medium) IMG_0675 (Medium)









The actual roof was quite high and would have been very expensive to extend the current stud wall to the top. On top of the there was also various beams etc coming in at different angles.

We suggested an acoustic curtain to completely close the gap allowing both staff either side of the wall the freedom to continue with there normal working day without the worry of upsetting the other side.

We first had to fix sections of uni-strut to the roof beams so we had a suitable fixing for the acoustic curtains at the top of each panel and each acoustic curtain had steel oval eyelets fixed in the top.

IMG_0670 (Medium) IMG_0676 (Medium)









Each acoustic curtain would be made using our 15 mm open cell acoustic foam inside a high temperature outer silicon coated fibre glass material for health & safety and fire regulations. The acoustic curtain was made up in various sized panels upto approx 2 m x 1 m, then attached together using high temperature Velcro flaps.

acoustic curtain acoustic curtain








The top of each acoustic curtain was fixed to the uni-strut using spring channel nuts and some panels had to have cut-outs to allow beams and various channelling through.

acoustic curtain acoustic curtain










The panels above we made bespoke to follow the roof beam and a large acoustic foam panel added above the beam to fill the void above.

acoustic curtain acoustic curtain










Each large top acoustic curtain panel was fixed to a bottom panel that closed the gap to the top of the wall using high temperature Velcro.

acoustic curtain acoustic curtain










All the void was covered and another happy customer added to our portfolio!

For more information on acoustic curtains or acoustic blankets please follow the links or contact us to discuss your noise problem.