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Customer installation – Merc G Wagon Soundproofing by Phil Vaughan

We were approached at the NEC whilst exhibiting at the Classic Car Show by a very nice past customer, who wanted to let us know his thoughts on our products.

Phil wanted to soundproof his vehicle but unfortunately we wasn’t able to offer him a d.i.y kit due to us not having done a fitting ourselves on this vehicle type before.

This is the stage were we can advise which material we would use in the different areas and let the customer decide how much of each material they would like. The customer would then have to design the kit as they go along (which is exactly the same as we do for the first time). Its not rocket science by any means but some trim in certain vehicles are easier than others to remove.

Phil decided that he wanted to completely strip out his vehicle as much as possible and cover as much area in soundproofing materials as he could in his 1986 G wagon. he subsequently then ordered:-

1 x Full sheet of NoiseKiller Lead Sandwich (2 m x 1.2 m)

2 x Full Sheets of NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier (2 m x 1.2 m)

Merc G Wagon

Now you will see from Phil’s photos he kindly sent us that he is obviously very handy and also had a great area to use as his workshop for the installation. There is no embarrassment in not being at Phil’s d.i.y ability and that’s why we also offer a nationwide fitting service or you can visit our factory in Manchester.

Whilst at our factory we can take you to the local train station and within 10 minutes you can be in Manchester city centre shopping or sightseeing and we can collect you from the station afterwards (alternatively we have a waiting room,close by local village or Oldham shopping centre). For customers who bring dogs along with them, there are numerous small parks and the famous Tandle Hills or for any avid golfers we are on Crompton & Royton Golf Clubs doorstep.

SAM_7152 SAM_7151







Phil’s first task was to strip out as much trim/carpet/panels/seat etc as he could to give himself the maximum about of area bare to cover. I’d say he did this extremely well !

SAM_7436 SAM_7431







He then completely covered the whole of the front cab floor area in our NoiseKiller Lead Sandwich material both sides and all around the central transmission area.
Merc G WagonMerc G Wagon NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier material was then applied to the middle floor section and rear wheel arches. He used the floor mat as a template to produce the correct shape.

SAM_7583All the trim was then carefully replaced back to exactly how it fit before. Not every vehicle has to be done in this way. Most vehicles you can pull back or remove the minimal amount of trim and slide in NoiseKiller Non adhesive Sound Barrier floor material. Once the trim is put back the floor material doesn’t go anywhere. For the floor material to do its jb, it needs to form a barrier between you and the noise ir the road on the floor. The NoiseKiller Sound Barrier material has two dampening sheet layers that will help block the road noise with a layer of open cell acoustic foam in between to absorb the noise.


Phil’s comments can be viewed in the 4×4 soundproofing kit product under the reviews tab, but here follows a copy:-

“I had a brief chat with one of you guys on Friday at the NEC and promised to send some pictures of my G Wagen, now fitted throughout with your Noisekiller products. I had used Noisekiller previously on a late model Defender and knew it could make a substantial difference, so I decided to do the same with the G Wagen.  The results are simply excellent.  A number of G Wagen owners have been amazed at the difference it has made. You can see from the pictures that the whole interior was stripped out.  The carpets were used as templates wherever possible.  Then everything was refitted.  Took a bit of time, but was relatively straightforward. Thanks for an excellent product, Phil

Thanks very much for your kind comments Phil, they are much appreciated! Glad our soundproofing materials helped improve your Merc G Wagon noise levels as you hoped!


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