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Noisy Neighbours tops poll of dealbreakers survey!

An independant online guide company called Selling Up, recently ran a survey with Populus of 1000+ people into hidden factors that might ruin a property deal and 70% (the top answer!) said that they would pull out of the purchase entirely if they found the property had noisy neighbours!


Noisy neighbours beat some other remarkable others; “evidence of pests (eg. droppings, mousetraps)”, “sellers rude attitude/behavior” and “noise form areoplanes” to name a few other findings.


This survey shows not only the importance of trying to sell when living next to a noisy neighbour, but also highlights that if soundproofed properly, you may not even have to move at all!


We have designed a system that dramatically reduces noise from next door. We can install our noisy neighbours no more system whilst only reducing your room by 41 mm (just less than 1 3/4 inches). We also have a deluxe noisy neighbours no more system that adds one more NoiseKiller Barrier Mat layer and an extra sheet of dB board that then reduces your room by 56 mm (just less than 2 1/4 inches).


We can install our noisy neighbour system to any wall with minimal disruption to your home within 1 day,  leaving your new ready ready to decorate after the plaster has dried naturally (normally 2-4 days).


For more information, video, photos and reasons to choose NoiseKiller Group to install your noisy neighbour system please visit our dedicated domestic soundproofing page or get in touch.


Special thanks to Claire Bradshaw from Selling Up for making us aware of this survey. Form more helpful information on selling your property or to see the full survey in depth please visit -> Selling Up