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June Soundproofing Kit of the Month – Peugeot 308

To start our new soundproofing kit of the month blog articles, we have the lovely Peugeot 308. Each month will will feature a new vehicle

The Peugeot 308 is a top-notch family hatchback brought out to rival the big players VW Golf, Vauxhall Astra, Ford Focus, Seat Leon and Renault Megane. It boasts fancy new touch screen display that controls most of the car but you will see from the “before” photos that good quality soundproofing materials are missing.

The customer who asked us to install a soundproofing kit in his new Peugeot 308 stressed his love of the car but that the general noise levels were well higher than his expectations.

For £300 including VAT (Kit £199, factory install £101), we fully installed a soundproofing kit to help reduce this unwanted noise. The full kit provides a reduction in engine noise, bodywork vibrations, road noise, tyre noise, rear/boot area noise.

The various part and full kits can be viewed here -> Vehicle section

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Here follows some photos taken during the fitting on the Peugeot 308 soundproofing kit. All our kits are designed to cover these areas.

NoiseKiller Vibrasorb material fitted on the single skin areas on  the Under bonnet….

Peugeot 308 Under bonnet before Peugeot 308 Under bonnet after





NoiseKiller Sound Barrier material fitted under drivers and passenger front floor carpets (as you can see the passenger carpet is very thin quality)…..


Peugeot 308 Front floor before










NoiseKiller Sound Barrier material fitted under rear seats as well as under the rear foot wells……

Peugeot 308 Under rear seat after Peugeot 308 Under rear seat before










Next NoiseKiller Barrier Mat was applied to both wheel arches, the sides of the spare wheel well and under the spare wheel area……


Peugeot 308 Passenger wheel arch before Peugeot 308 Wheel arch pattern







Peugeot 308 spare wheel well before Peugeot 308 drivers wheel arch before








Peugeot 308 drivers wheel arch and spare wheel well after Peugeot 308 passenger wheel arch and spare wheel well after










Finally we finish the boot section off with a large piece of NoiseKiller Sound Barrier which is the same size piece as the carpet piece but lies underneath so you don’t see it afterwards…..

Peugeot 308 boot piecePeugeot 308 spare wheel replaced










All our car soundproofing kits can be installed like this vehicle and can be bought as a d.i.y kit here >>>>>>> Car soundproofing kit priced at £199 incl VAT each

Each d.i.y kit would be cut to shape and size for you and come with self adhesive layers (if the part is designed to be stuck).

Some newer makes/models we may not have patterns for yet but can then offer a cut, design and fit service. Please get in touch to discuss further >>>>> contact us