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December Soundproofing Kit of the Month – Land Rover Van Type Rear Kit

Our next kit to feature is the Land Rover rear section.

We often get asked if the rear section needs to be soundproofed at the same time as soundproofing the front cab and engine sections. There’s no right or wrong answers to be honest. Each customers opinion on where the most noise is coming from differs, every Land Rover is different and customers budgets are different. On certain Land Rovers you may also chase the noise through the vehicle ie, if you soundproof the engine noise down, you may then start to hear more road noise from the cab and/rear section or vice versa if you only soundproof the rear etc.

You do get a saving when buying all three sections together as a full kit so that may sway your thoughts and you would notice the biggest sound reduction, but we aren’t pushy salesmen and¬†always leave the decision to how much you want to soundproof at once, to the customer.

The owner of this particular Land Rover had already fitted the under bonnet section himself as well as the front cab kit. He gave us a call to discuss how we thought best to soundproof the rear section, then brought it in to us to fit the full rear soundproofing kit including side panels and roof section.

NoiseKiller Land Rover REAR soundproofing kits cover up to window level, so comprise of the large floor piece, both large wheel arches and both recess pieces (the slightly curved strip between the wheel arch and window). Then for those who have the “van type” rear sections we also offer side panel soundproofing for where the windows would be in the station wagon models. Lastly we offer two options for the roof section, 1) 25 mm egg box profiled open cell acoustic foam or 2) 15 mm open cell acoustic foam. Option 1, is normally used as a final finish and leaves that professional acoustic studio effect. Option 2, is normally selected if the customer is planning on fitting a headliner to the roof afterwards.

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