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Owners reported 85,688 cars being stolen this year! – Daily Mail

Yesterday, the Daily Mail published this shocking fact; “The amount of cars reported stolen has risen 30 per cent in the past four years, with 85,688 this year compared to 65,783 in 2013, according to data compiled by the RAC.”

Later in their article they also mention that steering locks have double in sales in the past year as drivers look to go back to basics to stay one step ahead of technologically savvy car thieves.

Steering locks are a great and easy way to show you have at least bothered to add a little bit of security to your vehicle, but lets face it, they aren’t the best on the market! A thief could actually be sat in your Car/Van/Motor-home/Land Rover etc whilst unsuspectingly attacking the steering lock. The actual steering wheel is often the weak point for these devices and all this can be done whilst having the door shut!

That’s where an in-car security device like our Centinel Clutch Claw comes in. Its universal and fits almost any vehicle that has approx 75 mm (3″) of play above the pedals. Once its set up to your vehicles pedal arrangement it can then be located and locked in seconds. To attack the clutch claw you need noisy powerful machinery and due to the position the clutch claw when fitted, you can’t attack the pedals whilst siting in the vehicle. No thief wants to attack an in-car security device whilst having their legs hanging out of the door and not being able to see if anyone is watching them!

In the following video it shows how some thieves possibly use a “locking jammer” or relay box to bypass the vehicles locking system

The daily mail go on to say “CCTV footage showed the men pull up outside the victim’s home and wave a relay box in front of property. They then waited briefly for the relay boxes to connect before the Mercedes’ lights flashed and the doors opened.

The thieves then drove off with the whole crime only taking one minute to complete.

Relay car unlocking systems are available on sites such as eBay for around £100.

Gangs use them to steal new cars – often to order – and brands targeted have included BMW, Ford, Audi, Land Rover, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Mercedes.”

For a similar cost you can purchase a Clutch claw and provide that piece of mind that your vehicle is going to be safe! Clutch claws can be viewed and purchased here -> Clucth Claw in car security device


The full Daily Mail article can be viewed here -> drivers go low-tech to beat today’s technologically-advanced car thieves