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New design VW acoustic blankets for engine bay soundproofing

Like most vans, the noise that can transmit through an engine bay into the cab is very annoying. The VW Transporters are are fine example of this. We have supplied for years acoustic engine blankets for the T4, T5 and more recently the T6. Most vans and motorhomes are fine to be fitted with one of our standard stocked sizes that we manufacture (ie. small 500 x 500 mm, medium 750 x 500 mm or large 900 x 500 mm) and you can generally get a nice snug fit over the engine and if possible down the back (bulkhead side) of the engine.

A little while ago we were contacted by Chris Watkinson who runs a website forum and facebook group called T5-T6 Mods. He wanted to fit an engine blanket onto his VW T5 but couldn’t quite see how one of the standard acoustic engine blankets would fit past some of the cables/hoses etc. We discussed our custom engine blanket option that we can produce for any vehicle and started to bounce ideas together. Chris then trialled our standard T5 blanket and added to it using a template to produce the final design, as per the following photos…..

VW T5 2003 2009 1.9 L template










After designing the engine blanket above we then decided to supply all VW T5’s and T6’s with custom designed blankets. We then discovered this wasn’t as easy as we first thought! There are quite a few engine models and sizes over the years. But with help form Chris and his forum members we now have 4 designs that cater for the different engines.

The 4 designs should fit any of the following engines:-

VW T5 2003-2009 1.9 L

VW T5 2003-2009 2.5 L

VW T5 2010 on wards 2.0 L (EURO 5 ENGINE)


New VW blankets BACK

New VW blankets










The photo on the left shows the 4 variations labelled up for the engine types and the photo on the right shows the back side of each blanket. You can see we have added an extra layer of foil faced fibre glass material (the same material we use in our Blazepak fire resistant document wallet ) to the back section of the blankets where the blanket gets close to the exhaust manifold at the back side of the engine.

Here now follows each variation along with a before and after of the engine bay once fitted:-

VW T5 2003 2009 1.9 L

VW T5 2003 2009 1.9 L beforeVW T5 2003 2009 1.9 L after








VW T5 2003 2009 2.5 L 

VW T5 2003 2009 2.5 L before VW T5 2003 2009 2.5 L after









VW T5 2010 on wards 2.0 L (EURO 5)

VW T5 2010 on wards 2.0 L after VW T5 2010 on wards 2.0 L 









VW T6 2015 on wards 2.0 L (AdBlue)

VW T6 2015 on wards 2.0 L after VW T6 2015 on wards 2.0 L before









VW T5 2003 2009 1.9 L

VW T5 2010 on wards 2.0 L (EURO 5)

We have been collecting the engine type data for a while now but please let us know if you spot any discrepancies or have another type not listed above.

Many thanks to Chris Watkinson for his help developing these products. If you are modifying your Transporter in any way and would like to chat with Chris or members of his forum please visit T5-T6 MODS or join the facebook group T5🔧6 MODS.


UPDATE JAN 2021; Some of the early VW T6 vans were sold with the earlier EURO 5 engine, they then introduced the AdBlue and current engine. If you have a VW T6 but the earlier EURO 5 engine please select the VW T5 option for the blanket. If unsure please look at the photos of the 4 different types of blanket, and check against your actual engine bay.