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Does a clutch claw fit an automatic vehicle ???

This is a common question we have been asked for many years!

Until recently we always used to explain that the clutch claw was originally designed to fit manual transmission vehicles, hence the “clutch” part of its name. This was until we got our own automatic VW T5 Kombi van.

My first thought was that even if I could only get the clutch claw to fit around the brake pedal that would be a start. Also if any thief that was to look into the foot well area, they would be put off by the device without realising it may be able to be removed easier then when fit around the clutch and brake pedals. That coupled up with the flashing L.E.D and window stickers to warn them off further.

Clutch claw fitted on automatic VW T5After playing around with the clutch claw when setting it up for our T5 van I realised that if set up correctly and tight enough then the device would actually stop a thief from even getting the van in gear to start the ignition (and that’s if they have the key!) At first I got the clutch claw to fit but the brake pedal could be depressed enough to turn the key and start the van. Even fit like this the device would still be in the way for a thief to fully depress the brake pedal to stop when needing to. So I then added a further spacer (a full set of spacers are included) and got the clutch claw to fit tighter preventing this pedal movement. I now fit the clutch claw every time I pull up at home knowing my van will be safe and there in the morning!

In-car security devices buy you time against a theft attempt and if there are two vehicles near by to each other, a thief is obviously going to try to steal the one with no obstacles first.

I now pass this successful information of how I managed to fit the Centinel Clutch Claw on my vehicle to any new enquiry regarding an automatic vehicle. Obviously every vehicle is different and where the pedals and footwells are manufactured differ greatly in each vehicle, but there is a good chance that the clutch claw will fit your automatic vehicle.

I will update this blog with a list of automatic vehicles that the clutch claw definitely fit starting with a Mercedes Sprinter. A customer bought one for his vehicle this week and here are his comments:-

Clutch claw fitted on auto Merc sprinterThanks very much for your previous advice ref fitting a Clutch Claw to an Automatic vehicle. I have since successfully fitted to my Auto Merc Sprinter and it works perfectly (see photo). I will certainly be recommending this option to others.

The clutch claw in car security device can be viewed and purchased along with our other security products here >>> Centinel

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