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Ford Ranger Soundproofing

Ford Ranger soundproofing

Recently we changed our vehicle from a VW Transporter van to a Ford Ranger Wildtrak Pick up. There were numerous reasons for this change but one area I didn’t expect to be so different was the noise levels. I also didn’t expect a van to be quieter than a pick up! I was astounded to realise how noisy the Ford Ranger Wildtrak was to drive. As a company we have … Read More →

NK Group eCommerce website in over 60 countries !!

International eCommerce website

Our eCommerce website has teamed up with a service named Webinterpret. They are a global PayPal partner as well as having partnerships with Ebay and Amazon. This service now enables the ability for any customer to view/purchase any one of our products in their own language/currency. So even if a non UK customer can read English well, they can still purchase in their own currency saving them the hassle of … Read More →

The best way to soundproof your vehicle

VW T5 roof in egg box

One of the most common questions we get asked is “What’s the best way to soundproof my…….car/van/motorhome/Land Rover/Pick up/classic car?” Most people who have shopped around the wonderful world wide web for various options, are not usually fooled, but with so much bad advice available its clear to see why some are. Although the internet is one of the best things ever invented, it has now also created a world … Read More →

New Land Rover DEFENDER 2020

Land Rover Defender 2020

Back in 1948 ,the original Land Rover Defender was originally designed to travel over fields on farms. The basic design hardly altered all the way up to when the model discontinued back in 2016. The issues at the end of its iconic range were mainly safety and emissions. It’s hard to believe that even the later models of the Defender didn’t have airbags! This along with no crumple zones meaning … Read More →

Does a clutch claw fit an automatic vehicle ???

Clutch claw fitted on automatic VW T5

This is a common question we have been asked for many years! Until recently we always used to explain that the clutch claw was originally designed to fit manual transmission vehicles, hence the “clutch” part of its name. This was until we got our own automatic VW T5 Kombi van. My first thought was that even if I could only get the clutch claw to fit around the brake pedal … Read More →

New design VW acoustic blankets for engine bay soundproofing

VW Transporter Engine Bay Soundproofing

Like most vans, the noise that can transmit through an engine bay into the cab is very annoying. The VW Transporters are are fine example of this. We have supplied for years acoustic engine blankets for the T4, T5 and more recently the T6. Most vans and motorhomes are fine to be fitted with one of our standard stocked sizes that we manufacture (ie. small 500 x 500 mm, medium … Read More →

Owners reported 85,688 cars being stolen this year! – Daily Mail


Yesterday, the Daily Mail published this shocking fact; “The amount of cars reported stolen has risen 30 per cent in the past four years, with 85,688 this year compared to 65,783 in 2013, according to data compiled by the RAC.” Later in their article they also mention that steering locks have double in sales in the past year as drivers look to go back to basics to stay one step … Read More →

December Soundproofing Kit of the Month – Land Rover Van Type Rear Kit

land rover rear soundproofing

Our next kit to feature is the Land Rover rear section. We often get asked if the rear section needs to be soundproofed at the same time as soundproofing the front cab and engine sections. There’s no right or wrong answers to be honest. Each customers opinion on where the most noise is coming from differs, every Land Rover is different and customers budgets are different. On certain Land Rovers … Read More →

Heritage Insurance get their Land Rover 110 ready for off road trip

A short while back Natalie and Leena visited NoiseKiller before their overland trek to the¬†Pyrenees. We fitted there Land Rover 110 with a Full soundproofing kit including the roof section. Here follows the short time lapse of us fitting the rear kit and roof section.   Read what Heritage had to say on their site here – > please click here They also did an “after” video, where at 1 … Read More →

Boss 302 Mustang fitted with NoiseKiller wins “Best Car in show” award

Boss 302 Mustang

A while back, Mark Nicholson contacted us regarding soundproofing and insulating his pride and joy Boss 302 Mustang. Mark bought this 1970 classic vehicle as a shell and wanted to resort it to its original condition. During this restoration process Mark researched the best materials to use to soundproof the inside behind the carpets, trim and dash board. NoiseKiller Lead Sandwich wash applied behind the dash and front bulkhead, NoiseKiller … Read More →