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Correctly setting up a Centinel Clutch Claw

clutch claw complete with fitting instructions

Our Centinel Clutch Claw is the best in-car security device of its type currently in the market. No other similar device can compete with its; ease of use, universal aspect, strength, ease of storage, attack time or success rate. Like any new purchase, it can sometimes seem daunting when you start to set it up, but with the clutch claw you really shouldn’t be worried. Once carefully set up it … Read More →

Noisy Sewage pump

sewage pump

A sewage plant contained a pump that was causing excessive levels of noise when used intermittently. After examination of the project it was felt that the best solution was to reduce the noise as close as possible to the pump by using a sound reduction blanket of lead and acoustic foam with a fireproof cover. The air outlet of the pump could not be covered so it was also decided … Read More →

Library Bus noisy engine

noisy library bus

Noise Killer was asked to reduce the noise levels on a Library bus. The main noise source was the engine which sat under a cover within the cab area. We managed to remove the cover and apply Noise killer Vibrasorb to the inside walls of the cover. Then some small Noise killer Engine blanket pieces were made and fixed into the mesh sections. We then replaced the engine cover and … Read More →

Port Solent crane noisy generator

port solent noisy crane

Noise from the generator working the crane was causing problems for the operative both in terms of noise and vibrations, meaning that he could not hear the instructions to lift the boat from the water as he stood directly on top of the engine housing. Noise Killer lined the sides of the generator engine housing with Noise Killer Lead Sandwich and used Noise Killer Vibrasorb material for the roof of … Read More →

NoiseKiller soundproofing kit “transforms” multiple car of the year winner Skoda Yeti

Skoda Yeti 63 plate

We were recently contacted by a customer called Darrell Tunningley, to fit a soundproofing kit in his 63 plate Skoda Yeti. The Skoda Yeti is a multiple winner of car of the year award and was heavily endorsed recently in a Top Gear episode for our performing 4×4 for off-roading and other various challenges. In fact WHICHCAR state the for and against points as follows:- FOR – The sharp steering … Read More →

The Centinel C1 Security post is stronger than you may think!

C1 security post

We were recently contacted again from a past customer who had an attempt of theft from his property. Here is his email:- Hi Grant New Post received many thanks. Yes you’re welcome to use the picture and any of the following. The steel gate was pushed right through the post by a ram raider in a stolen car. The gate was destroyed but the post survived even though, in effect, … Read More →

What is a BlazePak?


Everybody owns a few important documents that they want to keep safe – and we all know how tedious (not to mention costly) it can be to replace them in the event of accidental loss, or if you’re unfortunate enough to experience a domestic fire or burglary. Fire or water damage can ruin your possessions, and if your passport is engulfed by flames right before you’re due to jet off … Read More →

VW and Land Rover Shows

vw campers

Calling all Land Rover and Volkswagen fans! This summer brings exciting news regarding your favorite motors. Whether you’re a Campervan connoisseur or a four-wheel-drive fanatic, there are shows to suit your every need over the next couple of months. The VW hype kicked off earlier this month with the Camper Jam show, an annual gathering of Volkswagen Campervan enthusiasts that took place on the 4th – 6th July and saw … Read More →

Why do you need security for your vehicle?

Man breaking into car

As a nation, we love our cars. And like all things we love, they need protection against the uncertainties of the future. A car is often more than just a means of transport. For those serious car enthusiasts, vehicles are everything; something that they take pride in and spend every spare moment working on. But even drivers who aren’t total car geeks still feel some emotional attachment to their rides. … Read More →

Our lead sandwich material makes Yachting Monthly’s recommend products list

Lead Sandwich material underneath deck board

We was recently contacted by Duncan Kent who was putting together an article regarding acoustic soundproofing for Yachting monthly. Duncan was gathering material from various different suppliers and testing them in a real Marine engine soundproofing scenario. He used a Volvo 2002 diesel engine and built a 5 sided box. Each soundproofing material was added to the inside of the box and the decibel reading recorded before and after. Our … Read More →