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Boss 302 Mustang fitted with NoiseKiller wins “Best Car in show” award

Boss 302 Mustang

A while back, Mark Nicholson contacted us regarding soundproofing and insulating his pride and joy Boss 302 Mustang. Mark bought this 1970 classic vehicle as a shell and wanted to resort it to its original condition. During this restoration process Mark researched the best materials to use to soundproof the inside behind the carpets, trim and dash board. NoiseKiller Lead Sandwich wash applied behind the dash and front bulkhead, NoiseKiller … Read More →

Customer installation – Merc G Wagon Soundproofing by Phil Vaughan

Merc G Wagon

We were approached at the NEC whilst exhibiting at the Classic Car Show by a very nice past customer, who wanted to let us know his thoughts on our products. Phil wanted to soundproof his vehicle but unfortunately we wasn’t able to offer him a d.i.y kit due to us not having done a fitting ourselves on this vehicle type before. This is the stage were we can advise which … Read More →

Acoustic curtains save staff feud

acoustic curtain

A company contacted us regarding there noise problem. They basically had a warehouse size building which was split in half. One half was the store and stock room and the other was fancy meeting rooms/ display area. The wall that split the two areas only went as high as the ceiling in the meeting room side. Therefore all the noise from the staff/radio/moving equipment in the store area travelled above … Read More →

NoiseKiller were happy to help the NEXT GENERATION BOAT PROJECT


The¬†NEXT GENERATION BOAT PROJECT¬†aims to give young people a taste of life on a narrow boat, and to teach them the disciplines of narrow boating and the joys of life on the locks and canals of Northern England. Run by Steve and Lesley Carter, the project recently purchased a new boat shell and has now set about completely furnishing the boat in readiness for use. When Noisekiller Acoustics became aware … Read More →

Noisy computer server

Computer server

Noise Killer were called in by DLA Holdings of Leeds who had installed a large computer server in the main office which was causing noise to the annoyance of the staff. Noise Killer used a combination of profiled acoustic foam (egg box) to absorb the airborne noises within the server, and Barrier Mat to reduce the vibration caused by the metal framework of the casing. The use of these materials … Read More →

Reduce the decibel level to within government health and safety guidelines

noisy steel cutting machine

NoiseKiller were asked to help Quick Fit Scaffold Towers of Shipley to investigate the noise produced by machines used to cut tubular steel to length. As the machines were in close proximity to other operatives the noise in the general working area was unacceptable to the management. The first part of the project meant reducing the noise of the machine and its metal casing as close to the source of … Read More →

Noisy Sewage pump

sewage pump

A sewage plant contained a pump that was causing excessive levels of noise when used intermittently. After examination of the project it was felt that the best solution was to reduce the noise as close as possible to the pump by using a sound reduction blanket of lead and acoustic foam with a fireproof cover. The air outlet of the pump could not be covered so it was also decided … Read More →

Library Bus noisy engine

noisy library bus

Noise Killer was asked to reduce the noise levels on a Library bus. The main noise source was the engine which sat under a cover within the cab area. We managed to remove the cover and apply Noise killer Vibrasorb to the inside walls of the cover. Then some small Noise killer Engine blanket pieces were made and fixed into the mesh sections. We then replaced the engine cover and … Read More →

Port Solent crane noisy generator

port solent noisy crane

Noise from the generator working the crane was causing problems for the operative both in terms of noise and vibrations, meaning that he could not hear the instructions to lift the boat from the water as he stood directly on top of the engine housing. Noise Killer lined the sides of the generator engine housing with Noise Killer Lead Sandwich and used Noise Killer Vibrasorb material for the roof of … Read More →