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Centinel Security Products – probably the only security you will ever need for your vehicle, car park or driveway

Whether it’s Car Security, Motorhome Security, 4 x 4 Security, Motorcycle security or Caravan security, Centinel have a full range of security products to protect your pride and joy either at home on your driveway.

Centinel security posts can give protection of theft from your driveway of your Car, Motorhome, 4x 4 vehicle, and we also have a range of ground anchor posts designed for motorcycle and caravans to stop that thief from taking your vehicle.

Centinel security posts can also be used to protect company car parks from unwanted visitors or to give your employees a totally protected parking space.

Centinel security posts can be joined to form a Total Enclosure Security System for use on garage forecourts, large company car parks and private housing areas.

Easily fitted the Centinel security post has been crash tested at 25 mph with a 30 ton impact and withstands all known forms of mechanical attack.

The base plate is concreted 18″ into the floor thus avoiding any problems with drains or utility company cables. The lock is pick and drill proof outperforming the easily attacked standard padlock type. Centinel security posts therefore provide ease of installation with outstanding strength.

The Centinel Clutch Claw offers security for your vehicle whist your on the move. The Clutch Claw has been designed to protect your vehicle from being stolen from your drive or more importantly whilst you are away from your home. The unique design locks the clutch and brake pedals and prevents your vehicle from being driven away. The Clutch Claw offers Car security, Motorhome security, 4 X 4 Security.

Security does not cost – it pays!