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Do you have problems with any of the Common Noise Sources:
– Televisions
– Telephone Ringing
– Telephone Conversations
– Children
– Loud Talkers / Laughter / Shouting / Arguments
– Footsteps /Doors Banging
– Music

Noisy and inconsiderate neighbours can make lives hell. If you’ve ever been in that situation you’ll be able to appreciate just how irritating and annoying domestic noise and noise pollution can be. It can get you down and drive you to distraction.

So, what can you do in these situations? Do you have to put up with the noise from next door and maybe accept that little Johnny next door will eventually get to grips with his guitar and start to sound tuneful, or do you put the house up for sale and look for somewhere quieter? Well, the answer is neither. What you need to do is install domestic soundproofing. Obviously it won’t solve the problem entirely or make your noisy neighbours any quieter, but what it will do is a make a dramatic noticeable difference to the noise being transmitted through adjoining walls and make everyday life that little bit more peaceful.

Noisy Neighbours Domestic Solution

Class “O” Fire Rated Adhesive Sound Barrier (10mm)
Open cell acoustic foam sandwiched inside two rigid damping sheets for maximum noise reduction. Open cell acoustic foam out performs any wool or fibre type layers and is excellent at absorbing high frequency sounds (i.e.. shouting). The damping sheets dense mass act as a great blocker of low frequency sounds (i.e.. bass/music) (there are two layers of damping sheet)

Battens (18mm)
The battens are used for two reasons, one to provide a vital air gap between the soundproofing and acoustic plasterboard, and two, to provide a secure method of fixing the very heavy/dense plasterboard.

Acoustic Plasterboard (12.5mm)
Acoustic Plasterboard (often known as Db board) out performs any standard plasterboard in terms of acoustic noise reduction.

Home Audio Solution
When the sound source is within your room and you would like to either achieve a better quality of sound or help stop the sound leaving the room, we have a slightly different solution to the noisy neighbour’s method. We would line the walls with our Self adhesive, open cell acoustic profiled foam (the profile is similar to an egg box shape). The profile shape gives the foam a greater surface area reduction which is essential in sound absorption.

For professional music rooms or home cinema rooms, you can then batten out and apply an acoustic plasterboard layer ready to decorate. If you are converting a bedroom/garage and the finished wall isn’t as important you can simply leave the egg box profiled open cell foam as it is, which actually gives the room that recording studio appearance.

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