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Hyundai Stellar (to 1991)


Contents of the full kit 22 items and 4 pads

Items marked with an * are self-adhesive and should be applied to a clean and dry surface only. We reccomend the use of a small roller to apply even pressure.


1- 5 * These items adhere to the recesses under the bonnet lid by their shape.

If there is a manufactures cover fitted to your vehicle, it will be necessary to unclip the cover and to re-fit over the soundproofing.

6-7* Fit these items to the engine bulkhead. Item 6 to the passengers side and item 7 to the driver side.


8-9 Remove carpet kick strips by the doorsills and lift the floor carpets to gain access to the footwells. Place these items in the front footwells, item 9 passengers side and item 8 at the drivers side.

10-11 Follow the same procedure as for the front floors, but place these items under the carpet in the rear footwells and also under the of the front seats. Item 10 at the passengers side and item 11 on the drivers side.

12-13 These items fit under the rear seats. Item 12 drivers side and item 13 to the passengers side.


14-15* Adhere these items to the rear wheel arches in the boot area, under the manufacturers covers (if fitted). Item 14 drivers side and item 15 passengers side.

16 Place item 16 under the spare wheel.

17 Place item 17 over the spare wheel.

18 Item 18 lays across the entire boot floor (over item 17 but under original carpet).

19-22* These items adhere to the recesses under the boot lid, by there shape.


Remove the interior door trim panels and fit the adhesive backed pads to the inner skin of each door. Re-fit the interior trim panels.


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