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Kia Caren


Contents of the full kit 15 items and 10 pads

Items marked with an * are self-adhesive and should be applied to a clean and dry surface only. We recommend the use of a small roller to apply even pressure.


1-8* These items adhere to the bonnet lid by their shape,


9 This item is fitted under the carpets on the driver side of the vehicle

10 As 9 but on the passenger side

11 & 12 These fit under the rear footwell carpets

13 This pad fits under the Rear Seat

14* This adheres to the base of the spare wheel

15 This fits under the boot carpet


Ease off the plastic covering on the rear wheel arches and adhere 3 pads to each wheel arch


Fit one pad to the outer skin of each door Do not fit the door pads unless you are competent at removing the door card. Your dealer should be able to fit these at your next service.

The Fitting is now Complete

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