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Kia Shumu 2000


Fitting Instructions

Contents of the kit 21 Items and 10 pads

Items marked with an * are self-adhesive and should be applied to a clean and dry surface only. We recommend the use of a small roller to apply even pressure


18* Remove the manufacturers under bonnet, if fitted, cover and fit these items to the skin of the bonnet lid. Location is determined by their shape. Re-fit manufacturers cover.

9* This item adheres at the base of the water bottle

10* This item adheres to the bulkhead near the brake servo

11* This item adheres to the centre bulkhead to the left of the wiper motor

12* This item adheres to the bulkhead

13* This item adheres under the power steering fluid filler


14 Fit this item under the carpets in the front passenger footwell (lift trim at the bottom of the doors and slide the acoustic material under the carpet)

15 As with 14 on the driver’s side

16 Rear footwell passenger side

17 Rear footwell driver’s side

18&19 Fit one pad under each of the rear seats


  1. Fit this item under the spare wheel

Fit 6 anit vibration pads to the side wall of the spare wheel storage

Compartment, evenly spaced. Replace spare wheel etc

21 Fit this item under boot carpet. Re-fit boot carpet

Remove the door panels and fir one anti vibration pad to the outer skin of each door ensuring that the metal is clean to help adhesive to bond

The Fitting is now Complete

Happy Motoring