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Land Rover TD5


Contents of the kit 29 items and 9 pads

Items marked with an asterisk are self-adhesive and should be applied to a clean and dry surface only. We recommend the use of a small roller to apply even pressure.


1-3* These items adhere to the bonnet lid by their shape


4 & 5* Undo the small, screws holding the bulkhead guard and pull back the rubber covering Adhere these pieces to the outer wings

6 & 7* These items adhere to the front bulkhead 6 to the passenger side 7 to the drivers side above the pedals.

8* This adheres to the transmission tunnel

9* This adheres to the passenger side bell housing

10* Adhere a pad under the covering to the drivers side bell housing

11-12* These fit to the front of the seat boxes 11 to the drivers side

13 &14* These adhere to the sides of the seat boxes 13 to the drivers side

15 & 16 These pads fit on the floor in the front footwells

17 –19 These pads slide under the front seats

Passenger front area

20 This large pad fits under the floor carpet

Pads Adhere one pad to the floor near the doors at each end of piece no 20

Rear section

21 & 22* These items adhere to the vertical face of the wheel arch 21 to the drivers side

23 & 24* These items adhere to the top of the rear seat boxes

25 &26 * These items adhere to the inner wing above the wheel arch. 25 to the driver’s side with a cut out for the petrol filler pipe

27 & 28* These adhere to the rear light fittings

29 This item fits under the rear load space carpet

Pads Adhere two pads one to the area under the middle row of seats at the side of piece No 29

Pads The kit includes 5 pads one for each door fit these to the outer skin of the door

The Fitting is now Complete