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Land Rover TD5 – Twisted Performance

Twisted Performance -LAND ROVER TD5

(Front Cab Only)

Contents of the kit 19 items and 2 pads and 4 extra items for seat boxes

Items marked with an asterisk are self-adhesive and should be applied to a clean and dry surface only. We recommend the use of a small roller to apply even pressure.


1-3* These items adhere to the bonnet lid by their shape


4 & 5* Undo the small, screws holding the bulkhead guard and pull back the rubber covering Adhere these pieces to the outer wings

6 & 7* These items adhere to the front bulkhead 6 to the passenger side 7 too the drivers side above the pedals.

8* This adheres to the transmission tunnel

9* This adheres to the passenger side bell housing

10* Adhere a pad under the covering to the drivers side bell housing

11-12* These fit to the front of the seat boxes 11 to the drivers side

13 &14* These adhere to the sides of the seat boxes 13 to the drivers side

15 & 16 These pads fit on the floor in the front footwells

17 –19 These pads slide under the front seats

a This piece adheres to the top section of the seat box drivers side

b & c These pieces adhere to the centre section of the top of the seat box

d This piece adheres to the top section of the seat box passenger side


The kit includes 2 pads one for each door fit these to the outer skin of the door

The Fitting is now Complete