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Mercedes 200 Series E Class

MERCEDES 200 SERIES E CLASS – Fitting Instructions


Contents of full kit: 14 Items and 4 Pads

Items marked with an * are self-adhesive and should be applied to clean and dry surface only. We reccomend the use of a small roller to apply even pressure.


1-3* Remove the manufacturers underbonnet cover (if fitted to your model). Fit items 1-3 to the recesses under the bonnet lid. Re-fit the manufacturers cover (if applicable)

4* This item adheres to the passenger side bulkhead in the engine compartment


5&6 Remove the carpet kick strips by the doorsills, lift the carpets to gain access to the front floors and transmission area. Item 5 fits to the driver side transmission tunnel, item 6 to the passenger side

7&8 Place these items under the carpets in the front footwells. Item 7 driver side, item 8 passenger side

9&10 Follow the same procedure as for the front floors, but fit these items to the rear footwells and under the rear of the front seats. Item 9 passenger side, item 10 driver side. Re-fit all carpets and kick strips


11&12* Fit these adhesive backed items to the rear wheel arches (under the arch covers) Item 11 passenger side, item 12 driver side

13&14 Remove the boot carpet and the spare wheel. Item 13 fits in the spare wheel recess and item 14 on the boot floor. Re- fit the spare wheel and boot carpet


Remove the interior door trim panel and fit the pads to a clean surface on the door skin. Re-fit the interior trim panels

The Fitting is now Complete