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Mercedes 609/612 European

MERCEDES 609/612 European

Contents of the full kit 16 items 10 pads plus 1 blanket

Items marked with an * are self-adhesive and should only be adhered to a clean and dry surface. We recommend the use of a small roller to apply even pressure.



1 & 2 * These items adhere to the bonnet lid under the manufacturers cover


Sound Barrier Non Adhesive

3 This item fits under the cab rubber flooring on the drivers side

4 This piece fits in the centre of the floor

5 This item fits under the cab rubber flooring in the passengers side

Noisekiller Barrier Mat Adhesive

6 & 7* These pieces adhere to the front wheel arches

Noisekiller Lead Sandwich

Remove the engine cover

8- 10* These items fit around the side walls and back of the engine cowling

Noisekiller Engine blanket

Secure the blanket by the cable ties to the top of the engine block.

Noisekiller Barrier Mat Adhesive

11 & 12* These adhere to the sides of the footwells

13 & 14* These adhere to the front of the footwells

Sound Barrier Non Adhesive

15 &16 These fit on the floor at the bottom of the seat box


Adhere 3 pads to the outer skin of each door

Adhere 1 pad to the side of each seat box

The fitting is now complete

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