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Renault ZOE EV 2012 onwards


RENAULT ZOE 2012 onwards


Contents of the full kit = 14 items & 28 pads


Items marked with an * are self-adhesive and should be applied to a clean and dry surface only. We recommend the use of a small roller to apply even pressure.



1 & 2*             These adhere to the bonnet lid by their shape.

3 & 4*             These adhere to the bonnet lid in the middle behind the second skin.



5 & 6               These items slide under the carpet in the front footwells. To gain access pull the carpet away from the bulkhead.

7 & 8               These items go along the side of the transmission tunnel behind the carpet.

9 & 10             These slide under the carpet in the rear footwells. Remove rear seat to gain access.

PADS              Evenly space 4 pads and adhere them to the metal area of the rear seat.

11                    This item fits under the rear seat and over the top of the pads that have just been fitted.



12*                 Adhere this item to the base of the hollow in the boot floor.

PADS              Adhere 4 pads around the side walls of the hollow.

13*                  This item adheres to the boot floor around the hollow. This piece will need cutting down to suit covering as much of the metal as possible.

PADS              Adhere 4 pads to each rear wheel arch. You may need to trim them down to suit. Overlapping of these pads is fine.

14                    This item sits on the boot floor underneath your boot carpet.


PADS              Remove the door cards and adhere 5 pads to the outer skin of each door.