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Skoda Yeti from 2010

SKODA Yeti from 2010

Contents of the full kit 24 Items and 4 pads

Items marked with an * are self-adhesive and should be applied to a clean and dry surface only. We recommend the use of a small roller to apply even pressure.


1-3* These items adhere to the bonnet lid under the manufacturers cover by their shape.

4* This strip is fed into the top section between the struts

5& 6* These fit along the outer sides

7-10* Feed two pieces towards the bottom between the struts then fit two further pieces above the first two pieces


11 This piece fits in the drivers footwell on top of the existing carpet as the accelerator pedal is fixed to the floor place under the drop in carpet. It is larger than the carpet and can be trimmed if required.

12 This piece fits under the passenger side footwell carpet

Remove the rear seats to gain access to the rear footwells and undo the bracket for the rear seats – You will need a star head socket driver to remove the brackets.

13 &14 These pads fit under the rear foot well carpets

15 This pad fits under the rear seat


Remove or loosen the plastic covers for the rear wheel arch by unclipping the brackets near the boot pulling away from the upper panel and unclipping the brackets by the rear seat.

16/16A* This fits to the driver’s side wheel arch plus strip piece to the top

17/17A* This fits to the passenger side wheel arch plus strip piece to the top

18* This adheres to the boot floor

The box on the right hand side is covered :-

19* This adheres to the front of the box on the boot floor

20* This adheres to the back of the box

21* This adheres right side

22* Adheres to the left side

23 This piece fits on the base of the box

24 This piece fits under the boot carpet


Adhere one pad to the outer skin of each door (do not attempt this unless you have consulted your dealer for advice on removing door trim)

The fitting is now complete

Happy Motoring