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Volvo S80 2006 Onwards

VOLVO S80 2006 onwards

Contents of the full kit 24 items and 4 pads

Items marked with an * are self-adhesive and should be applied to a clean and dry surface only. We recommend the use of a small roller to apply even pressure.


1-11* Remove the manufacturers under bonnet cover and fit these items to the recesses under the bonnet lid. Re-fit the manufacturers cover over the soundproofing.


12 This piece fits under the manufacturers drop in carpet and on top of the floor carpet (it is not possible to fit it under the carpet)

13 Undo the floor carpet by lifting the plastic trim at the door edge and unclip all the trim up the side of the door  and slide this pad under the passenger side floor carpet

14 & 15 Slide these pads under the rear floor carpet

16 Place item 15 under the rear seats.


17 & 18* Remove the manufacturers rear wheel arch covers and fit these adhesive backed items to the rear wings, item 17 side  to the drivers side. To gain better access drop down the rear seats and you will be able to pull out the full cover. Un screw the fixings at the edge of the cover, and there is also 3 trim clips on the upper section

Pads Adhere two pads onto the side wings whilst you have the cover open

19* Adhere this piece to the rear boot floor inside the plastic runners

20* Adhere this piece to the left side of the spare wheel well

21* Adhere this piece to the right side of the spare wheel well

22* This piece adhere to the back section of the spare wheel well

23* This piece fits under the centre of the spare wheel holder

24 This pad fits on top of the spare wheel and inside the plastic runners


Remove the interior door trim panels and fit the pad to the outer skin of each door.

NB Do not attempt to fit the pads unless you are competent at removing door cards. Consult you dealer for a blow up of the door card construction

The fitting is now complete Happy Motoring