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Bespoke Solutions

At NK Thermal we can construct insulating equipment to exact customer specifications from the most technologically advanced materials available to meet precise conditions of use.

Some examples are listed below:

Bakeout Materials – Insulation and Equipment Covers.

NK Thermal specialise in the fabrication of flexible bakeout tents for UHV systems.

All Bakeout Tents are bespoke, utilising coated glass fibre material around glass fibre insulation with custom fixings to ensure maximum efficiency in use.

DSCN0475 bakeout tent IMG_0637






Thermal Insulation Jackets

Made to any specification, Jackets can be designed to reduce the heat loss on water and central heating pumps. Reflective layers can be applied to keep heat in or to stop heat getting to other areas!

complete jacket Side power area right side on






MIG Welding Covers.

When using a MIG Welding gun, the cable can come into contact with hot metals and other potentially dangerous materials. This can lead to degrading of the cable and the eventual need to replace the MIG Welding Gun, due only to excessive cable wear.

We can construct, to exact specifications, a cover to protect the cable using highest quality materials

Thermal Pipe Protectors

NK Thermal pipe protection is used to reduce costly heat loss from pipes, thus reducing the energy costs caused by reheating to help reduce your energy costs, making your manufacturing facility more efficent and enviromentally friendly

Thermal Acoustic Length RH Thermal Insulation Thermal Acoustic Corner Piece