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Noise Killer UK have researched, designed and developed a range of sound proofing materials and solutions that can be used in the Vehicle, marine, domestic and industrial sectors.

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Automotive Divison

Each car soundproofing kit has been custom designed for the vehicle and uses a combination of materials to ensure maximum noise reduction for each area of the vehicle. Fitting a car soundproofing kit will reduce engine noise, road and tyre noise, exhaust noise and vehicle body vibrations leading to not only a quieter vehicle but helping to give a more comfortable ride for both driver and passengers.

NoiseKiller  have custom designed kits available for car soundproofing, motorhome soundproofing and 4 x 4 vehicle soundproofing. We can also custom design kits for commercial vehicles.

Each Noise Killer soundproofing kit is customised for your particular make and model of vehicle. The kit pieces are cut to size and shape and any pieces that have to be stuck to the vehicle come with a self adhesive easy peel away backing (no messy glue is required).

DIY or fitted by our engineers You will be amazed at the results. Please scroll down to read some frequently asked questions, then click a vehicle section above for more information.

Fit a Noise Killer kit and ENJOY your motoring:

• Driver and passengers will enjoy a more relaxed journey

• Reduce your stress caused by road noise, engine noise and vehicle vibrations

• You will be able to talk with rather than shout at your passengers

• Listen to your audio systems at an acceptable level

• Keep within the law whilst using your mobile phone

We also offer a nationwide fitting service for all our kits or you can visit our factory in Manchester.

Whilst at our factory we can take you to the local train station and within 10 minutes you can be in Manchester city centre shopping or sightseeing and we can collect you from the station afterwards (alternatively we have a waiting room,close by local village or Oldham shopping centre). For customers who bring dogs along with them, there are numerous small parks and the famous Tandle Hills or for any avid golfers we are on Crompton & Royton Golf Clubs doorstep.

Please click here or navigate through the various vehicle diy soundproofing kit options on the right hand side of this page >>>>>>

Alternatively, contact us to book a factory installation.

Noise Killer are the world leaders in custom-designed soundproofing kits for all types of Cars, Motor homes, 4 x 4’s, Land Rovers, Range Rovers, Discovery’s, Taxis, Commercial Vehicles, Type 2/Split Screen VW Models, A-Class, Hymer and Self Build Projects.

In a kit you will receive cut parts of different exclusive soundproofing materials depending on your specific vehicle type. All parts are numbered which coincides with a fitting/instruction guide explaining where that part goes. If necessary the parts will have an adhesive layer which you simply peel the backing paper off to adhere.
Noisekiller kits are unique in that not one material simply covers the whole vehicle. Materials have been specially designed dependant on various factors to reduce the different types of unwanted vehicle noises. In a full kit you would normally receive at least 3 different types of soundproofing material.
No, we can supply part kits for different areas e.g. engine bay only, but the best sound proofing result is gained by fitting a full kit. You also receive a saving when purchasing a full kit as opposed to buying each section individually.
Our professional experienced installers can fit kits in 2 to 3 hours, so if you add 2 more hours max to fit yourself that would be ample.
Some vehicles have a black cover clipped onto the bonnet lid. This cover isn’t soundproofing and is designed to stop your bonnet lid from discolouring. Our NoiseKiller Vibrasorb material adheres to the single skin areas on your bonnet lid. You can then replace this black cover afterwards if you wish.
No extra adhesives/fixings are needed when you purchase a kit. If any part is designed to be stuck, it will have a strong adhesive layer.
An engine blanket is a product designed to get as close as possible to the noise source (i.e. the engine!) to reduce the sound immediately. It comprises of a layer of lead, inside two layers of open cell acoustic foam with a high temperature fortaglass outer material capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 350⁰. Brass eyelets are inserted in all four corners and releasable cable ties supplied for fixing in position.
NO, you do not enclose the engine inside a blanket. The Blanket is designed to be carefully positioned to deflect and absorb different noises above the engine and behind (bulkhead area) only. Once fitted, there is still plenty of air flow around the engine and the blanket does not restrict any of the engines cooling systems.
As manufactures strive to offer better fuel economy cars are being made lighter by using thinner metal in particular under the spare wheel and rear wheel arches. Thinner metal creates more vibrations than the older steel meaning more noise. Also as most cars are now mainly hatchback types this means the noise enters the interior of your vehicle rather than being contained in the boot area as was the case in older model boot type cars.
We can either offer a “cut, design and fit”, or alternatively, suggest which materials you will require and supply the correct amounts for you to cut and shape yourself.

Stocked items* will normally be despatched in 1-2 days of cleared payment. Main Land UK Items will be sent using UK Mail next day service (Max. Parcel weight is 30kg)

(* = Stocked items include all materials, engine blankets, corrosion X, clutch claws and security posts)

Soundproofing Kits can take up to 7-10 working days dependant on the work load at time of order.

However, we try wherever possible to work around your schedule, and if you’re in a hurry for the goods please mention when ordering and we can see what can be done.

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Marine Divison

Make your Leisure time Pleasure time

Noise Insulation in marine applications has long been recognised as vital to enhance the comfort of your craft and keep airborne sound and vibration from engines and generators to a minimum in cabins and saloons.

This is best achieved by using Marine Acoustic Composites made from layers of special sound reduction materials to isolate or absorb the various sound frequencies produced by the engines and metal vibrations of engine rooms.

Our Marine soundproofing range reduces those annoying engine noises that can spoil a day on the river or at sea by using a combination of blocking and absorption of the airborne noises. NoiseKiller materials can also be used to line the hull of a boat to give both noise reduction and insulation for the cabin area.

Our Marine Range of products are available from stock in various thickness and can be purchased either in a non-adhesive form or with a self-adhesive backing. We, at Noise Killer, have the solution to your sound problem, however severe and our range is tailored to meet your budget.

Please click here to view our Marine products

Most of our materials come in either 1m x 1.2m (half a sheet), or 2m x 1.2m (full sheet) sizes. All materials can easily be cut to shape using a Sharp Stanley knife on a firm surface.
Marine Ply allows most sound to transmit straight through, therefore it is essential that the best blocking material is used (lead!) By sandwiching the lead inside two layers of open cell acoustic foam ensures once blocked, the airborne sounds are then absorbed.

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Industrial Division

Noise Killer can provide a solution to Noise in the workplace by using our materials and liquid to create a better working environment.

Noise at work is now recognised as a serious health hazard rather than just a nuisance.

The exposure to high levels of noise is now considered to be an increasingly important public health problem that needs to be addressed by responsible employers.

Noise in the workplace does not mean just noise from a machine in the factory, varying levels of noise can affect an employee’s ability to maintain concentration as well as causing long-term disability.

Employees subjected to the constant hum from an office computer can be just as affected by noise, which in turn can have an effect on the concentration levels and the quality of work can be reduced by this exposure.

Employers must now be seen to be doing something to improve the working environment or face the prospect of a visit from the Heath and Safety department or even a prosecution from an employee who has developed hearing problems.

Noise in the workplace can lead to permanent medical conditions such as hypertension and ischaemic heart disease. It can affect performance, for example with reading, attentiveness, problem solving and memory, which, in turn, can lead to ACCIDENTS.

By using a combination of our traditional materials and our new Noise Killer liquid, we can engineer a reduction in Noise levels throughout the workplace.

Yes certainly, we can design and manufacture many different types of soundproofing solutions.
Yes all our soundproofing solutions can be supplied with the correct fire and Health & Safety at work documents.

Domestic Division

Noisy neighbours are a source of constant problems to householders. Noise Killer have sound proofing materials that can help to reduce this problem.

Noise from adjoining walls is now a constant source of irritation to people and NoiseKiller have a low cost domestic soundproofing solution. Noisekiller offer a range of Sound Proofing products to reduce noise within a room and also reduce the noise from traveling between and into rooms. These products are suitable for both domestic and office situations. NoiseKiller have a range of products and prices to meet your budget and we will be happy to offer you advice on the options available to you. Sound can be reduced by either absorption or blocking. The ideal material will do both of these tasks.

Noise Killer domestic soundproofing self adhesive materials can be applied to party walls in attached houses, the housing for central heating pumps or other domestic pumps and cisterns, and the ceiling areas of domestic properties.

We can locally install a complete noisy neighbour solution, or non local, supply the correct materials needed and fitting instructions.


Up to 100% could be as little as 1% ! No one can guarantee a noise reduction as there are uncontrollable factors (i.e. you can never control how loud a neighbour may increase the volume button on a stereo) We can assess, explain and estimate a reduction you will be likely to receive as each job is different.
You will only lose 41mm or less that 1 3/4” (10mm soundproofing material + 18mm batten + 12.5 acoustic plasterboard)
It normally takes us a one day to complete one wall (up to approx. 10 square meters or 107.5 square feet)
No, the last thing we would want is for your neighbour to know what we are doing so all work is undertaken with that discretion in mind. We also dont have any marked vans!
The certificate is another con some other companies provide. There are no British standards for this type of bespoke work. You can purely show your invoice to any future buyers of your property as proof of the work done.
All our products have been tested and we can present to you a live demo of our system that highlights the noise reduction. We also have 10 years experience and customer testimonials to show previous happy customers.
No, our material will adhere over the top so there’s no need to waste time stripping wall paper.

WHAT IS NOISE ???? -> Blog