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Noise Killer can provide a solution to Noise in the workplace by using our materials and liquid to create a better working environment.

Noise at work is now recognised as a serious health hazard rather than just a nuisance.

The exposure to high levels of noise is now considered to be an increasingly important public health problem that needs to be addressed by responsible employers.

Noise in the workplace does not mean just noise from a machine in the factory, varying levels of noise can affect an employee’s ability to maintain concentration as well as causing long-term disability.

Employees subjected to the constant hum from an office computer can be just as affected by noise, which in turn can have an effect on the concentration levels and the quality of work can be reduced by this exposure.

Employers must now be seen to be doing something to improve the working environment or face the prospect of a visit from the Heath and Safety department or even a prosecution from an employee who has developed hearing problems.

Noise in the workplace can lead to permanent medical conditions such as hypertension and ischaemic heart disease. It can affect performance, for example with reading, attentiveness, problem solving and memory, which, in turn, can lead to ACCIDENTS.

By using a combination of our traditional materials and our new Noise Killer liquid, we can engineer a reduction in Noise levels throughout the workplace.