4×4 Full Soundproofing Kit

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Full 4×4 Soundproofing Kit (NO engine blanket).
The engine blanket can be found here if you are looking at adding this to the full 4×4 kit!

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Soundproofing 4 x 4 models models covers the following areas:

  • Bonnet Lid (NoiseKiller Vibrasorb)
  • Bulkhead (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Interior Front Footwells (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Sides of Transmission Tunnel (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Rear Footwells(NoiseKiller Barrier Mat)
  • Under Rear Seat (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Rear Wheel Arches (NoiseKiller Barrier Mat)
  • Under Spare Wheel (NoiseKiller Barrier Mat)
  • Side Walls of Spare Wheel (NoiseKiller Barrier Mat)
  • Rear Load Space (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Door Pads (NoiseKiller Barrier Mat)

Engine Bay

Noise Killer Vibrasorb is used on the bonnet. This reduces vibrations from the bonnet and also absorbs airborne noise created by the engine.

Noise Killer Acoustic Engine Blankets fitted on top and along the back of the engine can further reduce engine noise transmitted through the bulkhead.

Interior Cab and Load Space

Noise Killer Sound Barrier is placed on the floor under the drivers and passenger side carpets, the rear floors and under the load space carpet.

Noise Killer Barrier Mat is used on the rear wheel arches. In double cabs barrier mat is also used on the rear bulkhead to reduce the drumming from this area.

Rear Load Space

Noise Killer Barrier Mat is used on rear wheel arches to block tyre and road noise from this area. Noise Killer Sound Barrier is used under the rear load space carpet to reduce vibrations in the vehicle and block the road noise.



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5 reviews for 4×4 Full Soundproofing Kit

  1. Luuk Hunink

    Dear Steve,

    Received…Fits my 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ60 perfectly!

  2. Steve Deighton

    Hi Steve,

    Engine blanket arrived safely this morning – thank you.

    The Jeep definitely is quieter for the work that you did last week and I consider it a “sound” investment!



  3. Garry Monksfield April 2006

    Steve my wife is really impressed with the difference your kit has made to my Ford Ranger she has asked me to pass on her thanks to you.

  4. Michael DeSalvo

    Steve I have to write to let you know that my wife and I are extremely pleased with the difference the kit has made to our Jeep Wrangler, it should bring a little sanity back to driving. Although I miss California and having the top off, it will be nice to drive around here in London with the top on and be able to hear ourselves think. I wish the US aftermarket shops had offered me a kit after I had got done with the lift kit and big mud tyres, Thanks a lot.

  5. Phil Vaughan, Merc G Wagon

    I had a brief chat with one of you guys on Friday at the NEC and promised to send some pictures of my G Wagen, now fitted throughout with your Noisekiller products.

    I had used Noisekiller previously on a late model Defender and knew it could make a substantial difference, so I decided to do the same with the G Wagen. The results are simply excellent. A number of G Wagen owners have been amazed at the difference it has made.

    You can see from the pictures that the whole interior was stripped out. The carpets were used as templates wherever possible. Then everything was refitted. Took a bit of time, but was relatively straightforward.

    Thanks for an excellent product.

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    • NK Group

      Hi Phil, Thanks for coming to see us and a massive thanks for your comments! We have produced a new blog showing your installation which can be viewed here -> blog projects All the best!

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