Acoustic Curtains


Our bespoke acoustic curtains can be made to any size or composite


Our acoustic curtains can be made to almost any bespoke size. There is normally an advisable size cut off limit at approx. 2 m x 1 m, one for safe use of handling when fitting, and two, to get under our machine. However this doesnt stop a large area from being covered as any acoustic curtain can be joined together. We generally achieve this be using sew on type high temperature Velcro.

Each bespoke acoustic curtain can be made using a variety of combinations of acoustic layers. The main two are either a dampening sheet to block unwanted sounds or open cell acoustic foam that absorbs  airbourne sounds.

Each panel is enclosed in a final outer layer of high temperature silicon coated fibre glass material for health and safety and fire regulations. NOW GREY IN COLOUR (not black like in the photo)

A variety of different shape and sized eyelets can also be added.


This item here is to purchase an acoustic curtain to the following dimensions:-

length = 2 m

width = 1 m

depth = 17 mm (inner layer of 15mm open cell acoustic foam)

For an extra £10 per curtain we can use a different inner layer of our Sound Barrier material instead of the 15 mm open cell foam.


Please use this item as a guide and please get in touch for an accurate quote if your solution is a different size.


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Weight 12 kg

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