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C1 Driveway Security Post for Caravans / Driveways

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The CENTINEL C1 security post was specifically designed as an anti-ram, anti-theft device and was developed for the purpose of protecting vehicles, premises and property, unlike folding or “telescopic” posts, both useful in deterring the opportunist thief but offering less resistance to the professional thief or direct ramming.

  • Maintenance free
  • Base plate fits flush with the ground
  • Separate base plates available, post can be used in different locations
  • Keyed alike available on request
  • Drill and pick resistant lock
  • Locates and locks in seconds (important in bad weather!)
  • Base fits only 18″ below ground (avoiding mains cables and pipework, unlike telescopic posts!)
  • Does not use easily attackable padlocks
  • Accepted by all major insurance companies
  • Stops thieves using your drive as a loading bay
  • Post sits 67 cm above ground level

The CENTINEL C1 security post has been in use for over a decade and proudly boasts (with client information available) a ZERO THEFT RATE. All this from a post which requires no maintenance and can be located and locked in a matter of seconds, which, if it is raining or snowing, is very important.

Ease of use

The lock is integral and fitted at the top of the security post – simply locate and lock.

Peace of mind

The lock is graded CEN 5, this is the highest E.E.C. security rating, drill and pick resistant with a restricted profile key-way, this means the key cannot be copied by any other locksmith.

When you turn that key, an ingenious 10mm thick laser cut steel cam is located into what has to be the most highly engineered locking block on any security post available today. No pressure is placed on the lock itself.

Add to that, the fact that the Centinel C1 Security Post is the only post with a 5mm wall thickness that is fitted on the diagonal, in effect this means that in a ramming situation, the Centinel C1 security post is equal in strength to a wall thickness of over 10mm. Less weight – greater strength!

So remember, when securing your forecourt, show room window, shutter doors or driveway “it has to be CENTINEL”- the one with the proven record.



“This special security post will virtually destroy any car that attempts to knock it down.”

Auto Express

“This deterrent will have thieves puzzled longer than most safety devices, even if they come with a hack-saw or blow torch.”

Practical Caravan

“It only needs one post accurately positioned to achieve the highest level of security”

Caravan Life


Extra bases can also be purchased separately for a number of reasons;-


  • Change of address. Take your post with you and simply buy a new base for your new address
  • To change the position of your post
  • To add a storage place for your post while not in its normal place (ie. the side of your drive)
  • Add another position on your drive when one vehicle is not there (ie halfway down your drive)



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