Car Soundproofing Full Kit

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Full Car Soundproofing Kit (NO engine blanket)
The engine blanket can be found here if you are looking at adding this to the full car kit!

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Full Car Soundproofing Kits covers the following areas:

Engine Bay

All engine bay parts use our waterproof Noise Killer Vibrasorb material. This is self adhesive with a damping sheet to reduce bonnet vibrations and an open cell Class “0” acoustic foam to absorb engine noise. The foil facing gives a wipe clean maintenance surface which also protects the bonnet lid against heat discolouring.

Interior of Vehicle

Noise Killer Sound Barrier are used under the carpets in the front and rear footwells inside the vehicle and along the side of the transmission tunnel. These pads help to reduce road and transmission noise as well as under body vibrations. A pad is placed under the rear seat to reduce exhaust noise and vibrations. NoiseKiller Barrier mat is provided in a rectangle pad form for the outer skin of the door card from the inside (these pads aren’t fitted by NK in any installation but are provided foc for the out and out enthusiast who wants to attempt this tricky area).

Boot Section

Noise Killer Barrier Mat is adhered to the rear wheel arches, the rear wings behind the trim, under the spare wheel, and the side walls of the spare wheel well.

A Noise Killer Sound Barrier is placed under the boot carpet to reduce the road and exhaust noises and body vibrations.


In a kit you will receive cut parts of different exclusive soundproofing materials depending on your specific vehicle type. All parts are numbered which coincides with a fitting/instruction guide explaining where that part goes. If necessary the parts will have an adhesive layer which you simply peel the backing paper off to adhere.
Noisekiller kits are unique in that not one material simply covers the whole vehicle. Materials have been specially designed dependant on various factors to reduce the different types of unwanted vehicle noises. In a full kit you would normally receive at least 3 different types of soundproofing material.
No, we can supply part kits for different areas e.g. engine bay only, but the best sound proofing result is gained by fitting a full kit. You also receive a saving when purchasing a full kit as opposed to buying each section individually.
Our professional experienced installers can fit kits in 2 to 3 hours, so if you add 2 more hours max to fit yourself that would be ample.
Some vehicles have a black cover clipped onto the bonnet lid. This cover isn’t soundproofing and is designed to stop your bonnet lid from discolouring. Our NoiseKiller Vibrasorb material adheres to the single skin areas on your bonnet lid. You can then replace this black cover afterwards if you wish.
No extra adhesives/fixings are needed when you purchase a kit. If any part is designed to be stuck, it will have a strong adhesive layer.
An engine blanket is a product designed to get as close as possible to the noise source (i.e. the engine!) to reduce the sound immediately. It comprises of a layer of lead, inside two layers of open cell acoustic foam with a high temperature fortaglass outer material capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 350⁰. Brass eyelets are inserted in all four corners and releasable cable ties supplied for fixing in position.
NO, you do not enclose the engine inside a blanket. The Blanket is designed to be carefully positioned to deflect and absorb different noises above the engine and behind (bulkhead area) only. Once fitted, there is still plenty of air flow around the engine and the blanket does not restrict any of the engines cooling systems.
As manufactures strive to offer better fuel economy cars are being made lighter by using thinner metal in particular under the spare wheel and rear wheel arches. Thinner metal creates more vibrations than the older steel meaning more noise. Also as most cars are now mainly hatchback types this means the noise enters the interior of your vehicle rather than being contained in the boot area as was the case in older model boot type cars.
We can either offer a “cut, design and fit”, or alternatively, suggest which materials you will require and supply the correct amounts for you to cut and shape yourself.

Stocked items* will normally be despatched in 1-2 days of cleared payment. Main Land UK Items will be sent using UK Mail next day service (Max. Parcel weight is 30kg)

(* = Stocked items include all materials, engine blankets, corrosion X, clutch claws and security posts)

Soundproofing Kits can take up to 7-10 working days dependent on the work load at time of order.

However, we try wherever possible to work around your schedule, and if you’re in a hurry for the goods please mention when ordering and we can see what can be done.

NK don’t fit door pads on a factory fit or mobile fit other than older vans/motorhomes with manual window operation. Automatic windows in newer cars have numerous wires in this area and its too risky to fit the pads carefully. Some vehicles are also double skinned around the doors meaning you cant fit any material in this area anyway. We supply the door pads in a d.i.y kit as a FOC extra in case you want to ask your service guys to fit them or another expert at getting the door card off safely.


Blog >>>> June 2016 Soundproofing kit of the month – Peugeot 308

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48 reviews for Car Soundproofing Full Kit

  1. Ken Bennet

    Hi Steve,

    many thanks for your response to my Email, I have already fitted one of your soundproofing kit to my Fiat Doblo a couple of years ago and it transformed it! Now I have just taken over an older but very nice, low mileage VW golf estate automatic that I have known from new and in fact, being a mechanic, I am the only person to have worked on it for the last eight years, so I know it’s history. The point here is that as soon as I sell the Doblo, I will get back on to you for another soundproofing set, this time for the Golf!

    kindest regards, Ken

  2. Radley Gotch

    Hello Steve,

    I have at last fitted the Noise Killer kit you sent me back in February. It proved hard work indeed, especially to fit the rubber pad under the driver’s side front carpeting, but the whole project was well worth the effort. Noise Killer really works and has given my facelifted Rover 75 Connoisseur the quietest ride I have ever experienced, in any car. Thank you – money well spent!

    With my best wishes,

    Yours sincerely, Radley Gotch

  3. Steven Wright

    Many thanks for the excellent job you made fitting the sound proofing to my car last Thursday. The difference is quiet noticeable at normal cruising speeds.

    I will ask the Web Master for the Traction Owners club to add a link to your Web Site ( so that other members can benefit from your service.

    I will in due course bring my Slough Built Light 15 to have the same treatment as my Normale.

    Best Regards
    Steven Wright

  4. Roger Kessell

    I have just had an Acoustic Car Full Kit fitted (at the Oldham unit) to my Nissan Skyline 350GT which was very susceptible to tyre noise on coarse road surfaces, most noticeable on motorways.
    Stephen and his staff were all very friendly and helpful and interested in the problem.
    It took about three hours to fit and cost me £199 and £90 fitting.
    I was able to compare the difference on my 400 mile drive to Oldham and back the next day.
    I would estimate that the tyre noise was reduced by about 35%. I was pleased that it was reduced to a level that ceased to make it an issue. I rarely needed to alter the radio volume even on the worst surfaces.
    The soundproofing kit seemed to be very comprehensive and I was able to satisfy myself that I had done all that was possible to address this problem.
    I would certainly recommend the NoiseKiller fitment.

  5. G. Loncaster

    I purchased a full soundproofing kit from you for my SEAT Ibiza a few months ago and am really pleased with the results.

  6. J.Creedy

    I ordered this product due to the fact that i travel long distances from time to time and find i have a drumming head ache from the road noise my car creates. I drive a 09 peugeot 107 urban.
    Before i fitted the kit i would go over bumps in my car and it would create alot of noise. The road noise was loud at speeds even as low as 50 mph. Engine noise was not a problem unless i was flooring it or at high speeds on motorways.
    All of these noise issues have been fixed to a degree, the main improvement is when i am going over bumps, the loud bangs have been reduced to a muffled quiet low frequency thump as supposed to a grenade going off in my ear. The engine noise has been reduced at tick over and at cruising speed on motorways but not massively. The road noise has been decreased, however tyre noise is still a issue but not as bad. I think there is room for improvement as there wasnt much sound proofing for the doors, but overall it is a good improvement and worth spending the £200. Can I purchase some more for the door areas.

  7. Rod Athenor

    This morning’s fitting went very well. I am very pleased to see that the cosmetic/finishing work was completed to the highest standard.

    A quick test drive after the fitting shows that the concealed noise reduction pads proves to be very effective at minimizing the road noise in the middle frequency range.

    Having much less middle frequency noise intruding into the cabin, the low frequency noise becomes somewhat more perceptible and very much the same for the engine note.

    This certainly meets my expectations and I am happy to recommend your car insulation work to other potential customers.

    Would you be able to recommend a particular make and model of tyres tested for optimal noise reduction ?


  8. Eric Bush

    My driving school car is a pleasure to drive since fitting a soundproofing kit.

    I would recommend Noisekiller vehicle products.

    Eric Bush M.I.A.M Driver Trainer Drive Global

  9. Jonathan Norris

    Hi Grant

    Just a note to let you know the soundproofing all arrived safely – I’m not quite ready to fit it yet – but I’m sure once in place it will make a considerable difference.

    Many thanks for all your (and Steve’s) help with this.

  10. Mike Wilkinson

    Just like to say many thanks for fitting the sound proofing kit to the S2000 yesterday together with the few local modifications! I’m pleased to report it has made quite a difference to the car taking out the higher frequency and leaving reduced levels of lower frequency sound. It’s given an improved feel of quality to the overall ride of the car, revealing the solid car that I thought was hidden under a large amount of commotion, if that makes sense. The end result is better than I could have hoped for. Good value for money.

    Thanks once again, Mike

  11. Zach Erynuk

    Please see my full review :-

  12. John Bowen

    Hi Steve

    Just a note to thank you for your special deal with engine blanket – My
    Subaru forester is now fully fitted with the engine blanket plus your
    soundproofing kit and now has a much more refined ride – it has moved the
    car into a different league!

    Thanks again

  13. R.Maclaurin

    Is a kit for soundproofing a 1985 Bedford CF2 cab, available? Also some sheets of non-stick, as well as sticky backed , soundproofing material? Ive had 6 kits from you in the past and all were excellent.


  14. Eddy Joossen (Belgium)

    Dear Steve,

    All is fitted and I have to admit you the result is amazing.
    Do you also have suggestions and/or improvements for a Porsche 996 Cabrio ?
    If wanted you may use this mail for the section “Happy customers” and give this as reference in publicity. Good products which improve livequality are valuable and need honest recommendations. If so you may take my real mail and name as a reference but please don`t publish my personal mail address.

    Very best regards,

  15. Richard Symes


    Thanks for coming to Suffolk and working on my scirocco I went to Chelmsford yesterday, and the difference is really noticeable. A big improvement and money well spent


  16. David Gannon

    Hi Steve. Just wanted to say how brilliant your Landrover sound proofing kit is. It has transformed the vehicle. So much quieter, refined and now warm! Easy to fit too. Will definately use it on my classic Datsun 240z. Many thanks

  17. Johno Baker

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m very impressed with the work carried out on my vehicle. The fact I could leave the car with you whilst away on holiday for the weekend and was ready for when I arrived back was brilliant service. I will be recommending your company.

  18. Les Norman

    Back in April you fitted the noise proofing kit to my new VW Fox and it is fine thank you. Best wishes, the product is first-class!

  19. Mr Hill

    You may remember soundproofing our Ford Focus the other day. We are from Rugby and we came to Oldham to your workshop for the fitting. The journey back was so much better than the journey there! We are really pleased with the quieter car and no longer feel that it was a mistake to buy the car. Many thanks. It was a great success, I must say!

  20. Chris Ramsey

    My service engineers fitted it when in for annual service – all seems fine and it makes a considerable difference to interior noise levels.

  21. Ben Swinney

    Received the samples your sent…first impressions is WOW…one of the best put together kits I’ve seen in a long time…it’s very useful to have all the sections pre-cut.

  22. Alan

    The complete kit has made a real difference on my Skoda. The engine is much quieter at all speeds, but especially on start-up, when the usual clatter is muted. And the whole car feels even more solid, with road noise being much less noticeable. You guys certainly know your stuff!

  23. Geoffrey Ellway

    Thanks for your help in soundproofing my A160 CDI Mercedes it has made a noticeable difference to the town driving noise already.

  24. John Defenzi

    Just a line to let you know that the Noisekiller kit is working well. Still got to fit the bonnet section but I’ve already noticed a big difference in the transmission noises from the rear of my Ford Focus. I have recommended your products on the Ford Focus owners forum.

  25. Dale Brown

    Thanks for the Subaru kit I received recently, excellent customer service, prompt delivery, and most of all superb quality. I can’t recommend Noisekiller products highly enough!

  26. John Armitage

    Many thanks for the Noisekiller kit, fitted it with minimal fuss and it has made a big difference to my Subaru

  27. Grant Farmer

    Hi Steve, fitted the kit to my Skoda Octavia and it has really made a big difference. Many thanks

  28. John Males Lincoln

    I am the owner of a Vauxhall Agila. As delightful as the vehicle is with its comfortable seats, high driving position, nippy engine and great economy, I always wished it had a bigger motor and better soundproofing. There’s not much I can do about the engine, but Steve at Noisekiller has worked magic on the noise levels. Following his wizardry the vehicle feels more expensive, more solidly built, more relaxing and well, just altogether classier.

  29. I G Kendall

    Kit arrived o.k. and has been fitted. I used two deadening pads inside the boot skin, banging the panel before caused quite a vibration, after the pads fitted it sounds quite solid. These were easy to fit as the trim only takes a couple of minutes to remove, if you know where the hidden screw is.

    Many thanks for your help, money well spent and a complete novice could fit in about 3 hours. It took me just on two hours.

  30. David Small

    Happy New year to you, I’m enjoying the work you did on my car and it’s made a marked reduction to the noise levels. Much more relaxing on the motorway and it has reduced the bumps and thumps on poor road surfaces

  31. Adam Wells

    Hi Steve, Many thanks for fitting the kit for me. It has definitely reduced the in car noise, especially on the motorway.

    Kind regards

  32. Karl Rachwal (VW BEEETLE KIT)

    Hi. I used your sound deadening kit in my 1963 1300 (very) lowered VW Beetle recently and thought you may like to know the results? I removed the rear seats, carpeting and door cards, covered that whole area and then refitted everything as it was (bearing in mind of course the engine/gearbox is behind and beneath this). Before install and at a tickover of 800rpm my dB meter showed around 72dB and with a little blip of the throttle to 1500rpm I got about 83db. After install this dropped by 5dB across the board. Very happy with this and i’ll definitely be ordering more to do the front of the car too. Cheers, Karl

  33. R Gotch

    Just a quick thank you for the prompt dispatch of the kit + for my wife’s prized 1969 Morris Minor Traveller, especially the extra for the Traveller’s rear compartment and the under-bonnet areas. It is much appreciated.

    Attached are a couple of recent photos.
    With my best wishes,

  34. J. Shinhmar (Honda Accord – factory fitting)

    Steve, My drive home to London was most enjoyable after the installation of the full kit in your factory.

    I noticed a significant reduction in noise and vibration, my car now drives with extra refinement.

    many thanks, J. Shinhmar (London)

  35. Darrell Tunningley

    Hi Grant,

    Ive got the pics, they are great and ill get them up onto the build thread, I’m really happy with the kit and its made a huge difference on the car. Here is a little feedback for you, please feel free to use this in anyway you wish and let me know if you need anything more.

    •Results of the product

    The results of the Noise Killer kit are beyond my expectations, the car has been transformed and now has an even better quality feel. Engine noise in the cabin has been pretty much eliminated along with a dramatic reduction in road nose, especially at speed on motorway cruising. The Skoda Yeti is a car i loved to drive and as a multiple ‘Car of the Year’ winner, it is a well built vehicle, Noise Killer have managed to take the Yeti to another level, feeling even more refined and well built.

    • Quality of the product

    The results speak of this products quality, the materials used by Noise Killer are what should’ve been used by the manufacturers in the first place!

    • Customer service
    Customer service was outstanding, I run a large charitable organisation and often find customer service in the business sector lacking in the standards i expect in my own organisation. When i find a company which meets my own exacting standards i can not endorse or recommend them enough. This is the case with Noise Killer, on the day i was running late and yet the team were able to still work around my schedule, always showing that nothing was to much trouble for the customer, a fantastic team and company.

    Darrell Tunningley

    build thread:-

  36. Gareth MBE

    Rang on the Thursday and had my MGF all fitted by the Monday. Great service really helpful team who knew what they were doing. Would recommend to anyone. My car is now quite and I can hear music great job and thank you

  37. Stephen Chesham

    Had a full soundproofing kit fitted today 13/10/2016 to my Toyota Yaris SR 1.8 and it has made a really bid difference to the noise levels on the motorway especially. I no longer need to shout or have the radio so high to drown out the noise. The guys here are great they dropped myself and my brother where we wanted to go then picked us up in around 3.5 hours all in all i am very happy with the results

  38. Chris Forrest

    I’ve just had a full soundproofing kit fitted today (03/04/17) on my Golf R Mk7 and it has made a big difference to the noise levels. Before on rough tarmac there was a drumming from the rear and excessive tyre noise, now the drumming has disappeared and the tyre noise has been reduced to an acceptable levels given it has Bridgestone S001 fitted. I had the kit fitted by NK, an excellent job well worth the money.

  39. Jim Godwin full kit fitted in Suzuki Ignis

    Many thanks for fitting me in a couple of weeks ago. The kit is now installed;
    bonnet, floor, 4 doors, rear 3/4 panels, spare wheel well and boot, tailgate. A
    complete transformation and well worth the time, effort and money. Very quiet
    at 30mph, the radio doesn’t need high volume, and the most intrusive sound at
    motorway speeds is tyre noise from passing cars. In summary, as you already
    know, the materials supplied achieve their goal.

  40. Roger Kemp fitted in a Peugeot 3008

    Hi Steve,

    I thought you might like some feedback.

    Overall the car sounds quieter – particularly in the higher frequencies that most readily mask speech.

    As for numbers – using a sound level App on my phone (not likely to be particularly accurate but OK for comparative measurements) previously at 70 mph on a good stretch of the M6 the noise level was in the area 70 to 74 dB(A). Now it is around 66 to 70 dB(A) – a reduction of around 4 dB. On bad stretches of the M6, the noise is down from 75 to 80 dB(A) to the low 70s, a reduction in the order of 3 or 4 dB.

    Overall, worth doing.

    Best regards,


  41. Paul Oliver (Skoda Octavia 2010)

    Received today and all fitted in a couple of hours. Noticeable difference and much quieter!

  42. Robin Maclean (Skoda Yetti 2016)

    You recently sound proofed my Skoda Yeti. I am very pleased with the reduction in engine noise.
    I have also fitted a set of Nokian Weathermaster tyres. These are all year tyres with the European snow flake marking. There has been a dramatic reduction in road noise and the greater flexibility of the rubber compound irons out pot holes and variations in road surfaces. I am now able to hear very slight noises from tappets etc. I am thinking that an engine blanket might be the ultimate solution. If you agree, then perhaps you will quote for a suitable blanket. The engine is the VW 1968 cc 140 bhp diesel.

  43. Tony Nash

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for an excellent job on the Honda – had to take the car into
    Johnson’s main dealer on another matter and they were equally impressed.
    Engine blanket arrived a couple of days ago and now fitted- the overall
    effect is impressive, I’m delighted.
    Steve if you could send the invoice or e mail it that would be ok.

    Thanks once again Tony

  44. Gordon Pearce

    Hi Grant,
    Re – Skoda Yeti installation 5/3/19.

    A quick update for you. I am now in receipt of the photographs. Many thanks for your fast response in dealing with my query. The car has definitely benefitted from the installation especially when going over rough road services.

    I would just say I offer my appreciation for your and the teams efficiency , professionalism and courtesy experienced by my wife and I throughout the whole process. A rarity in present times.

    Thank you .

    Gordon Pearce.

  45. M Bricknell (verified owner)

    just fitted a sound-proofing kit to my Octavia. Quite easy and simple to do, although I did not bother with the door inserts. (That is beyond me). Very pleased, it has made a good deal of difference. I also fitted quieter tyres and am delighted with both results. Well done, glad I found you. M.B.

  46. Liam Brown

    Thought I’d treat my old Honda Accord to the full soundproofing Kit. Brought the car to them in the morning and after taking the time to walk me though the process and show me the different materials used they got to work. Had it done and ready to go in 3 hours. Very impressed with the Result! The car was pretty quiet to begin with so wasn’t expecting the difference to be night and day but the changes are definitely noticeable. It’s removed a lot of the higher frequency sounds which makes the car feel more cocooned/secure inside. The stereo sounds much better, idle is totally silent now as opposed to very quiet and the floor panels seem to soak up the vibrations from poor road surfaces making for a much smoother ride at low speeds (something I wasn’t expecting) The car just feels much more refined overall. The K20 in this Honda sits at just over 3000rpm at 70 so still getting some engine noise coming through at higher speeds but I’m pretty sure the engine blanket they offer will solve that. I’ll be back next month to have that fitted :o)


    I visited NK on Tuesday 15th March where I had noise reduction mats fitted to the floor and bonnet of my 2020 Toyota Camry.
    The work was done quickly and efficiently at a reasonable price. I’ve got no problems recommending them.

    I was having problems with excessive road noise getting into the cabin and I’d struggled to find anybody who could help.
    Before I found NK I’d fitted some noise reduction pads in my boot, which was ok to do but I now realise that NK would have done a better job with a more effective material.
    My first contact with Lee and Grant was by phone and our discussion convinced me that the 270 mile journey from Scotland would be worthwhile.
    I wasn’t disappointed. The fitting process was relaxed, smooth and knowledgeable. I couldn’t have done what they did.

    It’s been two days since the fitting and I can say that road noise has been reduced. The wheel arches are the next areas to work on and I’m looking for a local garage to help fit the material NK supplied. Hopefully that should be the end of my noise problem.

    My only regret is that I wish I’d contacted NK sooner. Curing excess noise is a tricky thing to do.
    I also wish that they were closer than a 270 mile drive!

    Ian Shield

  48. James Lancaster (verified owner)

    I have a VW UP GTi and whilst this is a brilliant little car, the soundproofing is not great due to it being a ‘budget’ car. I found NK online and the reviews looked great. I went for the full soundproofing kit and decided to tackle the fitting myself. When the kit arrived i was inpressed with the quality (and weight!). I was also fantastic that the kit was pre-cut to suit my car. The kit was pretty easy to fit but did have to wrestle with the under-carpet mats to get them to fit correctly. Once they were in, they fitted perfectly. I am absolutley over the moon with the results. The car feels solid, does not crash over the bumps which it used to and is much quieter on the motorway. The car now has a premium feel to it! I couldn’t be more pleased! I have just ordered some extra pads so i can do inside the door cards. I’m sure this will reduce the noise in the car even further. I could not recommend this kit highly enough. Thank you NK!

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