Classic Mini Soundproofing Kit

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Classic Mini Soundproofing Kit

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Our Classic Mini Car Soundproofing Kit covers the following areas (materials):-

  • Bonnet Lid (NoiseKiller Vibrasorb)
  • Bulkhead (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier/Barrier Mat)
  • Interior Front Footwells (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Sides of Transmission Tunnel (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Rear Footwells (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier Barrier Mat)
  • Under Rear Seat (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Front and Rear Wheel Arches (NoiseKiller Barrier Mat)
  • Rear Side Wings (NoiseKiller Barrier Mat)
  • Under Spare Wheel (NoiseKiller Barrier Mat)
  • Fuel Tank (NoiseKiller Barrier Mat)
  • Under Boot Carpet (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Door Skins (NoiseKiller Barrier Mat)

Engine Bay

All engine bay parts use our waterproof Noise Killer Vibrasorb material. This is self adhesive with a damping sheet to reduce bonnet vibrations and an open cell Class “0” acoustic foam to absorb engine noise. The foil facing gives a wipe clean maintenance surface which also protects the bonnet lid against heat discolouring.

Interior of Vehicle

Noise Killer Sound Barrier is under the carpets in the front and rear footwells inside the vehicle and Barrier Mat along the side of the transmission tunnel. These pads help to reduce road and transmission noise as well as under body vibrations. A pad is placed under the rear seat to reduce exhaust noise and vibrations as well as the side wings.

Boot Section

Noise Killer Barrier Mat is adhered to the rear wheel arches, under the spare wheel, and the fuel tank area.

Noise Killer Sound Barrier is placed under the boot carpet to reduce the road and exhaust noises and body vibrations.



This kit was featured in Mini World November 2015.


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  1. Sophie

    “Before I visited Noisekiller, even driving to Oldham which was about half an hour, my bum would be numb and my hands would be sore from the vibration. I had to wear ear defenders when I drove to Kent for the IMM! In my first visit to Noisekiller we completed most of the work but not the sound barrier behind the dash. Driving home was a completely different experience! The car felt solid, with no rattles, significantly reduced vibration, and the road noise had all but disappeared. It was much more comfortable to be in but that loud roar from my cheap cone air filter meant there was little difference in the volume. My second visit completed all the work behind the dash, I couldn’t be happier with the result. I can put my foot down, and the noise will bring a beaming smile to my face as always, but I can now have a conversation too! Before the soundproofing, we couldn’t hold a comfortable conversation or hear the CB radio. The trip to Kent for the 2014 IMM was spent with ear defenders on but they were not needed on the way to the Lithuanian IMM this year. Don’t think that installing the Noisekiller materials will make your Mini feel like a modern car, it won’t, but the reduced vibrations and road noise will allow you to enjoy longer trips in comfort!”

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