Land Rover Full Soundproofing Kit

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Full Land Rover Soundproofing Kit covering Under bonnet, Interior, Door Skins and Rear Sections up to window level.

SWB (3 doors) £320 , LWB S/Wagon or Utility (5 doors) £340 or LWB VanType (3 doors) £360

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Full Soundproofing Land Rover Kits cover the following areas:

  • Bonnet Lid (NoiseKiller Vibrasorb)
  • Interior Bulkhead (NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier)
  • Bell Housing (NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier)
  • Transmission Tunnel (NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier)
  • Front Floors (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Seat Box Front and Sides (NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier)
  • Under Seats (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Rear Wheel Arches (NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier)
  • Rear Floor/Load Space (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Door Pads (NoiseKiller Barrier Mat)

Engine Bay

All engine bay parts use our waterproof Noise Killer Vibrasorb material. This is self adhesive with a damping sheet to reduce bonnet vibrations and an open cell Class “0” acoustic foam to absorb engine noise. The foil facing gives a wipe clean maintenance surface which also protects the bonnet lid against heat discolouring.

A Noise Killer Acoustic Engine Blanket can also be used to further suppress engine noise.

If you are taking your engine out then Noise Killer Lead Sandwich can be applied to the bulkhead to block and reduce the engine noise transmitted through the bulkhead.

Interior Cab

Noise Killer Adhesive Sound Barrier  is used to cover the transmission tunnel, bulkhead, bell housing coverings, front and sides of the seat boxes in the front cab, and Noise Killer Sound Barrier  is used for the front floors and under the front seats.

Rear Section

Floor Section – Noise Killer Adhesive Sound Barrier is used for the sides and tops of rear wheel arches and the inner wing area above the wheel arch. Noise Killer Sound Barrier  on the load space floor NoiseKiller Barrier Mat pads on Rear door.

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In a kit you will receive cut parts of different exclusive soundproofing materials depending on your specific vehicle type. All parts are numbered which coincides with a fitting/instruction guide explaining where that part goes. If necessary the parts will have an adhesive layer which you simply peel the backing paper off to adhere.
Noisekiller kits are unique in that not one material simply covers the whole vehicle. Materials have been specially designed dependant on various factors to reduce the different types of unwanted vehicle noises. In a full kit you would normally receive at least 3 different types of soundproofing material.
No, we can supply part kits for different areas e.g. engine bay only, but the best sound proofing result is gained by fitting a full kit. You also receive a saving when purchasing a full kit as opposed to buying each section individually.
Our professional experienced installers can fit kits in 2 to 3 hours, so if you add 2 more hours max to fit yourself that would be ample.
Some vehicles have a black cover clipped onto the bonnet lid. This cover isn’t soundproofing and is designed to stop your bonnet lid from discolouring. Our NoiseKiller Vibrasorb material adheres to the single skin areas on your bonnet lid. You can then replace this black cover afterwards if you wish.
No extra adhesives/fixings are needed when you purchase a kit. If any part is designed to be stuck, it will have a strong adhesive layer.
An engine blanket is a product designed to get as close as possible to the noise source (i.e. the engine!) to reduce the sound immediately. It comprises of a layer of lead, inside two layers of open cell acoustic foam with a high temperature fortaglass outer material capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 350⁰. Brass eyelets are inserted in all four corners and releasable cable ties supplied for fixing in position.
NO, you do not enclose the engine inside a blanket. The Blanket is designed to be carefully positioned to deflect and absorb different noises above the engine and behind (bulkhead area) only. Once fitted, there is still plenty of air flow around the engine and the blanket does not restrict any of the engines cooling systems.

Stocked items* will normally be despatched in 1-2 days of cleared payment. Main Land UK Items will be sent using UK Mail next day service (Max. Parcel weight is 30kg)

(* = Stocked items include all materials, engine blankets, corrosion X, clutch claws and security posts)

Soundproofing Kits can take up to 7-10 working days dependant on the work load at time of order.

However, we try wherever possible to work around your schedule, and if you’re in a hurry for the goods please mention when ordering and we can see what can be done.

NK don’t fit door pads on a factory fit or mobile fit on all Land Rovers. The door cards are very flimsy/delicate and the clips can be broken very easy. Automatic windows in newer cars have numerous wires in this area and its too risky to fit the pads carefully. Some vehicles are also double skinned around the doors meaning you cant fit any material in this area anyway. We supply the door pads in a kit as a foc extra in case you want to ask your service guys to fit them or another expert at getting the door card off safely.

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Clutch Claw

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32 reviews for Land Rover Full Soundproofing Kit

  1. Roger Davies

    Thanks, nice job can hear the radio again!

  2. Daryl Roxburgh

    Hi Steve

    As discussed please send me the details regarding my different bonnet.

    I have to say that having fitted the Noise Killer sound proofing to the rear area of my 110, the improvement was amazing. Please feel free to use that as a testimonial.

    Best regards, Daryl

  3. J Bancroft

    Hello, can I please let you know about the difference that the factory installation of the full sound proofing kit has made in my Land Rover Defender. On my journey home from your works, at the first traffic lights, I thought that the engine had stalled, it was so much quieter than it had been before the installation of the sound proofing. I watched Grant do the installation, and it was clear to me that he knows his job and took great care to get it right. The sound proofing has made the difference that I hoped it would.

  4. Jeroen Weeda (Holland)

    Hello Steve,

    I’ll transfer the money tonight for a clutch claw! By the way, the noisekiller set you sold me performes better then expected.

    All the best,Jeroen Weeda

  5. Kevin Wissett-Warner

    Hi Steve,

    We spoke last week about the kit and extras you sent me for my 90. It has made a fantastic difference.

    Before I put the headlining in can you supply 4 x 70cmx 35cm sheets of roof material to fill the four panels between the roof strengthening bars in the cockpit area, please?

    Many thanks for your help and once again, a brilliant product.

    Kevin Wissett-Warner

  6. Didi Maass (Beijing)

    Dear Steve

    The noise killer set is installed in the defender. Congratulations to this great product. It’s like driving a different car. Very comfortable and silent

    Greetings from today Beijing


  7. Kieran Ganley

    I have just bought a Citroen Berlingo and would like to fit a full
    soundproofing kit ,the back ,the cab,the engine bay. You fitted a kit on my
    defender before and it worked a treat.

  8. Andrew White

    Dear Steve

    You may remember you travelled all the way down to us in Fareham in September to fit a soundproofing kit the day before we went to the very north of Scotland. 2100 mile round trip and the wife is still talking to me!

    The difference the soundproofing kit has made is enormous, well done to all of you. We are recommending you to as many Land Rover owners as possible.

    As mentioned to you on your visit, we will also endeavour to promote your products to the boat industry, which has quietly gone to sleep at the moment!

    Once again thank you for your efforts and a great job done.

    Kind Regards,


  9. Lenvale

    I picked up a Noisekiller Kit at the Stoneleigh show and fitted it within an hour. Been driving around this week and done about 400 miles and I am very impressed. It has made a big difference to the sound levels. Would recommend it to anyone.

  10. Henrik Schmidt

    wonderfull – you make a fantastic job !

  11. Jose Almeida (Portugal)

    My name is Jose Almeida and I’m writing from Lisbon, Portugal. In his recent trip to Portugal Mr. John Pearson from LRO recommended me to sound proof my Defender 90 with one of your kits. Following his advise can you please tell me the total cost of a full kit for my 90 including the cost of p&p to Lisbon? I really want to install the kit and I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks in advance. Best regards: Jose

  12. Graham Sumner

    Hi Grant, NoiseKiller kit now fitted to my new 110 Station wagon, great improvement. cheers Graham

  13. Mick Haggart

    Hi Steve, Just a quick email to say I received the egg box stuff for the roof, so thanks for sending it. Also to say, even without it fitted the 110 is so much quieter, you did a great job! Mick

  14. Mr. Payne

    Dear Steve, As discussed on our telephone conversation, I would like to order some NoiseKiller Barrier Mat for my steel sink unit and please find enclosed the cheque. I have previously ordered a soundproofing kit for my Land Rover and found it was easy to fit and made a significant reduction to the interior noise level. It was well worth fitting and I’m still very pleased with the results.

  15. Tom Saunderson

    Thanks very much. That Landy’s a whole lot quieter now. I shall recommend your product.

  16. Llyod Jones

    I received my NoiseKiller kit, plus engine blanket, for my Defender 90 last week and have now fitted it. The difference it has made is remarkable. I’ll be travelling 400 miles by Land Rover this Thursday and I’m no longer dreading it – it is a defender no more!

  17. Gerry Canavan Newry (Ireland)

    Thanks Steve, the kit for my Land Rover TD5 90 arrived yesterday evening. Fitted it today and it has made a big difference.

  18. Even Sjølie (Norway)

    Many of my Land Rover friends here in Norway have your full soundproofing kit and are very satiesfied. After driving a car with the kit installed i was sold. I want one as well!

  19. Darren Culm

    Hi, I purchased some sound deadening pads some months ago for my defender 90. The pads that fit in the back are Fabulous they work better than expected. The under bonnet set works well too.
    Kind regards

  20. S. Newson

    Hi, I recently had delivered a full kit for my Defender TD5 which I have now fitted. The material used was great to handle and easy to apply, so Im really pleased with your product!

    Regards, S. Newson

  21. J.W. Meesen (The Netherlands)

    Dear “Noise killer”,

    yesterday the parcel arrived and today I had a nice day “do it yourself” on my Land Rover 90.
    Serious project to dismantle the interior and fitting your kit, I did not follow the instructions
    for 100% but after a 5 hours job the complete car was finished.

    Her came the moment of happiness or disappointment ………. well I can tell you that the noise
    reduction is VERY good. easy to talk during driving and being a slow driver ( seldom > 100 km./
    h. ) it a pleasure to drive the TD 5 now. I am a VERY satisfied customer 🙂

    Best regards from J.W. Meesen

  22. G***** Haddeland (Norway)

    Hi Steve. I about to get myself a “new” Defender. This time a 2002 TD5 Defender 90. I was pleasantly surprised with the effect I got from my previous installation in my 110.

    As a returning customer I’m frank enough to ask if you could provide me with a good deal for a new noise reduction kit including engine blanket and roof insulation (15mm). Everything should be shipped to Oslo, Norway.

    I look forward to hear from you,


  23. J. Heagney

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for doing my Land Rover today, this has made a big difference and is certainly worthwhile.

    Please can you thank your guys for the job that they have done.

  24. Garreth D***

    Hi Guys,

    I have just fitted one of your kits to my Land Rover Defender and have been amazed at the difference – it’s refreshing to find a product that genuinely works. Regards, Garreth

  25. Chris

    Thanks for the excellent and quick response to my email especially out of hours. It’s much appreciated.
    I’ve found the enclosed fitting instructions now. I swear they weren’t there yesterday! Not quite such a daunting jigsaw now 🙂 I’ll give it a go today.

  26. Simon (verified owner)

    Dispatched really quickly, as requested, well wrapped.

    Made a significant improvement to my Defender Puma TDCi. Every journey feels less stressful, for just a few hours work. Forget chequer plate, snorkels, big tyres, lights – this is one modification that really makes a difference, every day.

  27. Chris Mulcaster, LR Def 110 plus Engine Blanket

    Hi Grant, No problem at all.

    1. results of the product –
    Drastically reduced the noise in the cab. I can actually have a conversation at 60mph, when before I struggled at 30mph

    2. quality of the product –
    The NK kit is thick, heavy and durable. You can see it is built to last. The instructions are limited, but then thats all you need, it is easy to fit. My whole 110 was fitted in within an hour.

    3. customer service –
    Superb customer service. NK contacted me once to ask a few particulars of my vehicle and my order was ready to ship the following day.

    4. Length of time between placing the order and receiving delivery –
    Arrived within a couple of days of ordering, couldn’t ask for more

    Hope thats all ok for you, All the best, Chris

  28. Jason Shackleton, LR Full Kit plus Roof Section

    Well I have no problems sending you a review as the product has made a positive improvement to my Defender both in sound reduction and reduction of heat loss.

    My first step was e-mail communications with NK Group to make sure I got the right products (I was bobbing around on a boat offshore Angola when I started the enquiries), got a very quick response to my questions and after only a couple of days was sorted on with what I needed, just had to wait until I was closer to home before I placed the order.

    After placing the order the items arrived within a couple of days, the Postman was a little surprised by the weight of the 2 packages, very pleased with the turn around time from order to receiving.
    Fitting the insulation was simple, getting the Defender interior out was the difficult part.
    Follow the instructions and you’ll have no problems with sticking the panels on, just make sure you get them in the right place cos they don’t come off easily.

    One piece of advice – get some carpet adhesive, you’ll need this if you want the carpets to stay in place after you’ve fitted the insulation, and get some spare roof liner plugs, they tend to break when you pull then out, not NK’s fault, just a pain to pull out cleanly.

    Results are huge improvement on the original spec, road noise is reduced and the engine is quieter even out side, still sonds like a truck, just quieter.



  29. Ian Dale, land rover 110 cab kit

    Very impressed with your product and service and, particularly with Steeve. Last year he helped me with a full kit for my Land Rover the Series 3 hard top.
    He has just helped me with the above. I was concerned that I had a Santana gearbox fitted, but Steve said “don’t worry, I’ll cut the necessary pieces larger and just trim them to fit.”
    They were spot on, easy to trim and fit well, with clear instructions.
    Many thanks Steve, very impressive.
    Take care now, Ian.
    Sent from my Sony Xperia™ smartphone

  30. John Wilcox

    We had the the full soundproofing fitted at the Oldham factory, thanks to Steve for being so helpful at arranging it, and thanks to Lee and Grant for looking after us. By driving us into Oldham, and then also picking us up later, after we had finished shopping and they had finished fitting out the Landy. A great improvement in the quietness of the Defender. We can now hear the Radio and talk easily. Long motorway trips are no longer a noisy tiring endurance test. A well fitted and professionally finished product… Thanks for a good job done

  31. Dave Kellett fitted on a 1983 Series III Lightweight.

    ” I am the proud owner of a very well re-furbished 1983 Series Three Lightweight. Although I enjoyed the rattles, vibrations and general clangs and bangs that go with such a vehicle neither my wife or more importantly, my Greyhound agreed. I searched the internet and came across Grant’s company which seemed to good to be true given the competition and relative costs. On speaking to Grant he asked for photos to check that they still had the templates and then sent me the matting which arrived within a very short space of time. It is easy to fit and generous with mistakes – and what a difference. I can think of no better accolade than my Greyhound now likes the vehicle!” The advice, service and product are all excellent”

  32. Stuart Bale (verified owner)

    Great kit. People looking and being put off by its price, Don’t be! In my opinion worth every penny. The fact that it’s all pre cut is a massive help. Fitted to my Defender in a couple of hours. Will be back soon for my roof kit. Great customer service!

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