Land Rover Full Double Cab Kit

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All double cab models (no rear section incl)

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Full Soundproofing Land Rover Kits cover the following areas:

  • Bonnet Lid (NoiseKiller Vibrasorb)
  • Interior Bulkhead (NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier)
  • Bell Housing (NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier)
  • Transmission Tunnel (NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier)
  • Front Floors (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Seat Box Front and Sides (NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier)
  • Under Seats (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Rear Wheel Arches (NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier)
  • Rear Floor/Load Space (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Door Pads (NoiseKiller Barrier Mat)

Engine Bay

All engine bay parts use our waterproof Noise Killer Vibrasorb material. This is self adhesive with a damping sheet to reduce bonnet vibrations and an open cell Class “0” acoustic foam to absorb engine noise. The foil facing gives a wipe clean maintenance surface which also protects the bonnet lid against heat discolouring.

A Noise Killer Acoustic Engine Blanket can also be used to further suppress engine noise.

If you are taking your engine out then Noise Killer Lead Sandwich can be applied to the bulkhead to block and reduce the engine noise transmitted through the bulkhead.

Interior Cab

Noise Killer Adhesive Sound Barrier  is used to cover the transmission tunnel, bulkhead, bell housing coverings, front and sides of the seat boxes in the front cab, and Noise Killer Sound Barrier  is used for the front floors and under the front seats.

Rear Section

Floor Section – Noise Killer Adhesive Sound Barrier is used for the sides and tops of rear wheel arches and the inner wing area above the wheel arch. Noise Killer Sound Barrier  on the load space floor NoiseKiller Barrier Mat pads on Rear door.

Double Cab Rear Bulkhead

On the newer double cab models Noise Killer Adhesive Sound Barrier  is used on the rear bulkhead and wheel arch fronts along with Noise Killer Sound Barrier under the seat base.


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1 review for Land Rover Full Double Cab Kit

  1. José Almeida

    Hello again Stephen,

    I will email you some pics from my installation of the kit hope they’re useful to you

    I did have to make some changes/adaptations to the original instructions because I couldn’t go all the way to dismantle the car to install some of the items, such as the ones that go on the front wings and bulkhead.

    Generally speaking the kit is spot-on and very easy to install but to make it even easier for customers abroad whose native language is not English, I’d suggest you clarify which is left/right or drivers/passenger side …

    Kind regards

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