Land Rover Side Panels GRADE B


Grade B Side Panel soundproofing for the rear section (where the windows would be!)

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These items are classed as “GRADE B” type.

These Grade B items will create creases in the pvc layer due to the make up of the different layers. We have eliminated the creasing problem by removing the initial damping sheet layer and those are sold as the normal Land Rover Side Panels in the Land Rover section

So these items were the first batch made with the initial inner barrier/anti-vibration layer that adheres to the metal panel followed by a 6mm layer of open cell acoustic foam.

The new pvc layer reduces the need to apply any further covering to the side panels, although for this item only will create a crease.

All side panel pieces are laser cut to shape and size and come with a self adhesive layer, so no messy glues are needed

Perfect if you dont mind a crease in the pvc layer! Or if you are planning to ply or board the side area up anyway.

Please get in touch if you have any questions on 0161 652 7080 or via email >>> contact us

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Weight 10 kg

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