Marine Engine Box Blanket

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Marine engine blanket solution to reduce the noise in your boat engine and cab area.


Our acoustic engine blankets can be made into a marine engine blanket solution to reduce the noise in your boat engine and cab area. They are made to form a 5 sided box shape and each side fastens together using high temperature hook and loop Velcro.

Each side is made up exactly the same as our standard vehicle engine blankets which is, a sheet of blocking Lead, sandwiched inside two layers of class “O” fire rated acoustic foam, covered with a high heat resistant Fortaglas fabric. The lead blocks the engine sound and the foam absorbs the airborne sounds.

The blankets help to suppress the “clatter” from the diesel engine and stop it from entering the cab area. Waterproof, Fireproof, Oil and Grease resistant, Bound and sealed edges. Any panel can have cut outs/splits/eyelets etc in any position.


This item is to purchase a box blanket up to the following dimensions:-

length = 80 cm

width = 50 cm

depth = 50 m


Please use this item as a guide (1.7 sq m) and please get in touch for an accurate quote if your solution is a different size.


Additional information

Weight 16 kg

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  1. I. Rankin (Narrow boat marine custom blanket)

    Hello Steve,

    Just to let you know i’m absolutely delighted with the ‘blanket’, it doesn’t change my boat from a Fiat into a Rolls-Royce, but definitely a Jaguar! in fact it makes what was intrusive into something that is eminently bearable. I demonstrated it to Andy ***** and he was quite impressed, he doesn’t say a lot but maybe you could pitch him for a few more orders?? its a cheaper option than a cocoon, All the best.

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