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Noisy neighbours DELUXE soundproofing (material only)! (price is for 1 sq m or 10.75 sq feet)



Our Noisy neighbours no more system is the best on the market. The unwanted sound waves need to be either blocked or absorbed (ideally both!) Our first layer of NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier in the system combines blocking and absorption layers. Then to create the DELUXE system we would adhere NoiseKiller Killer mat and overlap all the joints so there are no gaps.

This product is to supply soundproofing materials only for customers who want to install the Noisy Neighbour DELUXE system either by them selves or by a local tradesman.

The price displayed is for 1 sq metre of the following material:-

Class “O” Fire Rated Adhesive Sound Barrier (10mm)

Open cell acoustic foam sandwiched inside two rigid damping sheets for maximum noise reduction.

  • – Open cell acoustic foam out performs any wool or fibre type layers and is excellent at absorbing high frequency sounds (i.e.. shouting, arguing, “performing”, children etc).
  • – The damping sheets dense mass act as a great blocker of low frequency sounds (i.e.. bass/music) There are two layers of damping sheet layers.

NoiseKiller Killer Mat (3-4mm)

A heavy duty mouldable polymer damping sheet with a self-adhesive backing and foil facing. The Killer mat is easy to cut/shape and acts as a further blocker of sound given its dense soundproofing properties


When we normally install these materials we cut this material down (from its original full sheet size of 2 m x 1.2 m) into manageable tiles approx 100 cm x 60 cm.

For example if your wall is 10 sq metres you would receive the following tiles of BOTH MATERIALS:-

10 sq m / 2.4 sheets = 4.17 full sheets

4 .17 full sheets = 17 tiles at 100 cm x 60 cm


To create our DELUXE system, you would also need to source:-

Battens (we use 19 x 38mm so its only taking 19 mm off your room size)

2 layers of Acoustic Plasterboard (or dB board) 2400 x 1200 x 12.5 mm


Acoustic sealant (for any gaps when boards are fitted)

Scrim tape (and obviously a plasterer!)


Each domestic installation differs massively, if may be easier to get in touch! please contact us for a quote or to discuss further.


Additional information

Weight 11 kg


  1. David Wild

    Hi Grant, Thank you very much for all your help with my noisy neighbour project. With some help from a friend we are nearly finished then the plasterer is coming next week. And already I cant hear next door so far so good, I’ll be in touch with some photos when we have finished

  2. Luke Hayward

    Fitting these layers was really easy as they come in tiles

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