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Materials to Soundproof your VW  Camper

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Noise Killer have now produced two soundproofing material kits perfect for your Camper.


The simplest and easiest way to Sound Proof your camper is as follows

Using Noisekiller Sound Barrier Non Adhesive Mat

1          Above the engine bay at the rear of your vehicle using your carpet as a template mark and cut the shape using a sharp Stanley Knife (or sharp scissors) on top of a firm surface (ITEM 2).

2          With the material that is left from the sheet cut the shapes for the upright of the engine bay (usually located under the rear seat). We suggest using a contact adhesive (Evostick type) to keep these pieces in place (ITEM 3A+3B).

You will need 1 Sheet of Noisekiller Sound Barrier Non Adhesive to cover this area.

3          If you are doing a complete build or re-furb then it is possible to lay Noisekiller Non Adhesive Sound Barrier on the floor of the centre area before you lay your new flooring (ITEMS 6+7). Including the area under/in between the front seats (ITEMS 8, 9+10).

4          To do the front floor area of the vehicle using your carpet as a template (ITEM 1).

5          With the material that is left cut the two small pieces for above the rear arches (ITEMS 4+5).

You will need 2 full sheets of Noisekiller Sound Barrier Non Adhesive to cover this area

5          The rear wheel arches, front wheel arches, the outer side panels, the panel below the front window and doors are sound proofed using Noisekiller Self Adhesive Barrier Mat.

On the wheel arches you should cover the whole of the wheel arch so that it blocks the noise from the tyres.

On the outer side and front panel use pads cut from the sheet approx 250mm x 150mm.

We recommend you stick two pads to each side panel, three pads to each door and four pads to the front panel.

You will need 1 Sheet of Noisekiller Self Adhesive Barrier Mat for these areas.

We have created two main kit options to cover all the areas mentioned above.

Full Kit           Containing material for the rear engine cover, rear bulkhead, middle floor area, in between front seats and front floors along with the material for wheel arches, side and front panels.

Rear and Front Kit

For those people in a retro fit situation who do not want to lift the middle area covering already in situ. Consisting of material as above but without the middle floor area

The third kit in the drop down menu is for a Full Kit with Roof section (done in NoiseKiller 15mm flat open cell acoustic foam)


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13 reviews for Motorhome/Van VW Camper Kit

  1. Dick Smith

    Hello Steve,

    I’ve just got back from a 2,000 mile trip in the Camper, and would like to tell you how successful the Noisekiller kit has been. My wife and I were really pleased to feel more relaxed during the journeys, and it was a pleasure to be able to chat in normal voices, or listen to the radio at a reasonable volume. Overall it has been money well spent.

    Thanks also to your team for their welcome, and good advice about finding lunch in Royton.

    Best wishes,

    Dick Smith

  2. Chris Brown

    Dear Steve, Just wanted to let you know that I have just returned from a long journey through France and how impressed I was with the soundproofing you fitted to the campervan. I have to say that the difference with having the soundproofing as opposed to not having it, was quite stunning and made my journey VERY much pleasurable.

    Once again, thank you so much for a great job. I would have no hesitation in personally recommending your product to fellow owners.

    Kindest regards,
    Chris Brown

  3. Lex van der Werff (Holland)

    Hi Grant,

    Thanks for the good solution and the good service!!


    Lex van der Werff

  4. Colin Batty

    Just installed the kit in my VW Camper. Very good improvement. The doors shut like a BMW now instead of a Lada.
    Thanks for a very speedy delivery!!

  5. Christopher Hall

    Hi Grant,

    Thought you might like to see my post on your product:


  6. Simon Raithby

    Hi Steve, I had some of your self adhesive barrier mat soundproofing from you at vanfest last year, and freakin awesome it is too! I am so impressed with it I need more. Please could you let me know how much it would be for another half sheet of this, and enough of the Non Adhesive Sound Barrier to do over the engine, Load bed floor and front cab floor? Let me know a price all in, and I will check the piggy bank, ta. Simon

  7. Iain Cole

    The product is well thought out and fitting was simple taking a couple of hours (it would literally take only minutes during conversion). The result was a dramatic decrease in all noise levels. Although not cheap to buy it is worth every penny! I was concerned the engine temperature would increase with the blanket when driving up alpine passes but it didn’t alter at all, Thanks!

  8. P Kay

    Hello Steve

    I hope Gary got back OK. It was a pleasure to meet him and I have to say he certainly he gets on with it and does a good job.
    I even offered him Jaffa cakes but he kept right on working.
    I would like to pass on my thanks for the prompt, accurate and courteous service from you and from Gary.
    I haven’t yet had a chance to try my new “Whisper” van in anger on a long journey at top speed (63mph) , but first impressions from a quick jaunt up the A13 are pretty favourable.

    Regards, Pete

  9. Iain Hamilton

    Hi Steve, seems a long time since my first query about using your products in a Vw camper. Glad to see it’s become so popular, just got a Splitty so I will be emailing an order soon for materials to soundproof my fourth van. Keep up the excellent work. Cheers Iain

  10. Chris Allard

    Hello Steve

    Cracking stuff that sound proofing. Only problem is i didn’t have enough of the adhesive to cover the area’s suggested. There wasn’t enough for the 2 doors, sliding door, tailgate and front. Can you do me a deal on another sheet? I honestly did not have a scrap of waste and there was no way of getting it all done.


    • NK Group

      Hi Chris, Thanks for your feedback! We provide the same amount of Barrier Mat Material as we used when we designed the kit when fitting an actual vehicle. You have probably used it a bit too much in a few areas, but that’s fine as its your vehicle! We will gladly do you a deal for some extra material. Please get in touch -> contact us

  11. Gavin Bibby

    hi just installed one of you vw t2 sound prof kits spot on
    just wondering if I could use your roof lining foam to insulate the panels in the rear section?
    and what is the price for another roof foam lining if it would be ok
    cheers gav

    • NK Group

      Hi Gavin, That’s great! 2 m x 1 m sheets are £55 for the flat 15 mm roof foam Please get in touch and we can offer a discount code for free shipping as you are a past customer. Regards Steve

  12. Andy Tudge


    Also wanted to say that I am really impressed with your product – lovely quality and easy to fit

    Thank you

    Andy Tudge

  13. Sarah Cook

    What excellent stuff! Easy to fit, and does exactly what it says. The only problem we had was that for a while we kept thinking the van had cut out, because the engine noise was so much reduced. I wouldn’t have a T2 without it now – we can have a conversation and the children can sleep in the van on the journey!

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