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Materials to Soundproof your VW  Camper

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Product Description

Noise Killer have now produced two soundproofing material kits perfect for your Camper.


The simplest and easiest way to Sound Proof your camper is as follows

Using Noisekiller Sound Barrier Non Adhesive Mat

1          Above the engine bay at the rear of your vehicle using your carpet as a template mark and cut the shape using a sharp Stanley Knife (or sharp scissors) on top of a firm surface (ITEM 2).

2          With the material that is left from the sheet cut the shapes for the upright of the engine bay (usually located under the rear seat). We suggest using a contact adhesive (Evostick type) to keep these pieces in place (ITEM 3A+3B).

You will need 1 Sheet of Noisekiller Sound Barrier Non Adhesive to cover this area.

3          If you are doing a complete build or re-furb then it is possible to lay Noisekiller Non Adhesive Sound Barrier on the floor of the centre area before you lay your new flooring (ITEMS 6+7). Including the area under/in between the front seats (ITEMS 8, 9+10).

4          To do the front floor area of the vehicle using your carpet as a template (ITEM 1).

5          With the material that is left cut the two small pieces for above the rear arches (ITEMS 4+5).

You will need 2 full sheets of Noisekiller Sound Barrier Non Adhesive to cover this area

5          The rear wheel arches, front wheel arches, the outer side panels, the panel below the front window and doors are sound proofed using Noisekiller Self Adhesive Barrier Mat.

On the wheel arches you should cover the whole of the wheel arch so that it blocks the noise from the tyres.

On the outer side and front panel use pads cut from the sheet approx 250mm x 150mm.

We recommend you stick two pads to each side panel, three pads to each door and four pads to the front panel.

You will need 1 Sheet of Noisekiller Self Adhesive Barrier Mat for these areas.

We have created  three main kit options to cover all the areas mentioned above.

Full Kit           Containing material for the rear engine cover, rear bulkhead, middle floor area, in between front seats and front floors along with the material for wheel arches, side and front panels.

Cost                £  456

Rear and Front Kit

For those people in a retro fit situation who do not want to lift the middle area covering already in situ. Consisting of material as above but without the middle floor area

Cost                £ 295

The third kit in the drop down menu is for a Full Kit with discounted Roof section (done in NoiseKiller 15mm flat open cell acoustic foam)

Cost                £ 592

Additional Information

Weight25 kg

Front and Rear Only, Full Kit, full kit & discounted roof section


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