NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier Material

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Ideal for Land Rover Rear Wheel Arches, Cab Bulkheads, Bell Housing area etc

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A class “O” fire rated acoustic foam sandwiched inside two self-adhesive rigid damping sheets for maximum noise reduction.

The damping sheets help to block the road noise, exhaust noise, and the vibrations created by vehicle movement, and the acoustic foam will absorb the frequencies that pass through the damping sheet.

Used mainly inside Land Rovers for the areas that are not flat on the floor and for the bulkheads in middle and rear engine vehicles.

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Weight 16 kg


3 reviews for NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier Material

  1. Andreas (Greece)

    Dear Steve,

    Thank you very much for the information and all the help you offered before my order. I hope that my choice for Noisekiller product will be the correct one.

    I also received TNT’s email regarding the tracking number of the item.

    Best regards,Andreas

  2. Roger Wilson

    We purchased a piece of your material to use in a tractor cab on July 20th. I am pleased to report that it was not difficult to fit and has made a massive difference!

  3. mark ambler

    I have recently completed the installation of the noise reduction kit in my defender 90 rear section.
    I found it very easy to fit, with all the parts pre-cut to size. It has made a big difference to the noise from the suspension and transmission and general road noise in the rear compartment. Well worth doing.

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