NoiseKiller Lead Sandwich Material

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Ideal for Vehicle Engine Bulkheads, Marine Engine Room, Van Wheel Arch etc

(Sample Pack No.5)



A sheet of high quality sound deadening lead sandwiched inside two layers of class “O” fire rated acoustic foam with a self-adhesive backing. The outside face is finished with a foil facing.

The Lead layer acts as a barrier to sounds and the two layers of foam absorb the airborne sounds that have been blocked.

The foil facing gives a wipe clean surface and helps to stop the acoustic foam from clogging with fumes and oils.

Can be used on the bulkhead in Land Rover models or inside in-cab engine covers, for lining generator housings in Motor Homes, to cover surveillance equipment housings in commercial vehicles, and as part of a solution to industrial noise reduction.

All full sheets are normally packaged by folding the full sheet into three thirds. This means your parcel would be approx. 120 x 67 cm. If you would prefer us to cut you sheet into a particular size (ex. 4 pieces at 100 x 60 cm), please let us know in the comments field when ordering or email us.

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5 reviews for NoiseKiller Lead Sandwich Material

  1. Martin Dunne

    Hi Steve,

    Just took delivery of the sound deadening material from your company. A very fast and efficient service.

    Tried Halfords etc. They don’t supply it?

    Nigh on impossible to get here.

    Many thanks.


  2. Bernard Barnett

    Last week I bought a half-sheet of your excellent lead sandwich, which works a treat in the engine compartment of my boat. Now I would like to ask if you make any very thin material to line the underside of the boat’s floorboards (has to be thin as there is carpet on top). Any guidance gratefully received.

  3. Mr Braidy

    Steve, Thanks for the “Noise Killer” sheets and the two cans of oil. I have fitted the sheets around the engine room (that makes it sound grand) but its its about 2′ 06″ to accommodate a Beta 28 diesel engine. The foam has made quite a difference, the noise is “mutted” and the conversation is quite easy on the rear deck now with the engine running.

    Many thanks, Tom

  4. Oliver Smith

    The lead stuff is wicked.

    I’m well impressed with the product and the service and have no doubt I will be back soon.

  5. Shane Walton

    This is Amazing!!
    I put this in my Humvee and works Amazing!!
    Before I put it in the heat was unbearable, and the sound at a stop light was 87dB, now there’s no heat and the sound at a stop light is 71dB!!!
    I would highly recommend it.

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