NoiseKiller Sound Barrier Material

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Ideal for Vehicle Floors, Under Rear Seats, Boot Carpet Piece etc

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A class “O” fire rated acoustic foam sandwiched inside two rigid damping sheets for maximum noise absorption.

The damping sheets help to block the road noise, exhaust noise, and the vibrations created by vehicle movement, and the acoustic foam will absorb the frequencies that pass through the damping sheet.

Used on the floor surface inside a vehicle and along the side of a transmission tunnel usually under the existing carpets.

8 – 10 mm thick


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Weight 16 kg


2 reviews for NoiseKiller Sound Barrier Material

  1. Peter Simpson

    Kind regards and thank you for a great product.

  2. Evans (verified owner)

    Order placed 26 March, Items received 3rd April.. pretty good!
    Adhesive Sound barrier matting and black foam sound deadening materials have made a big difference in lowering car interior noise. I have done the spare wheel well with the silver adhesive barrier material and I have laid the barrier foam layer on the hatchback floor area with good effect.
    I have enough adhesive matting left to do both rear wheel arches. I will complete these shortly. I am looking forward to a much quieter driving experience. Thank you for a product that does work!

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