NoiseKiller Vibrasorb Material

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Ideal for Vehicle Bonnet lids, Marine Engine Rooms, Flat Metal Areas etc

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A class “O” fire rated acoustic foam with a foil facing that has a vibration controlling damping sheet with a self-adhesive backing. Waterproof, oil resistant and fire proof it can be used in all types of engine bays.

The damping sheet helps to reduce the noise created by the vibrations of the bonnet lid, boat engine cover or generator housing. The open cell acoustic foam layer absorbs the airborne sounds created by an engine.

The foil facing gives a wipe clean surface and helps to stop the acoustic foam from clogging with fumes and oils, and helps to stop discolouring of a bonnet lid.

NoiseKiller Vibrasorb comes with 6mm open cell foam as standard, but can also be made in various alternative thickness’s if required, please contact us for more details.

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Weight 16 kg


1 review for NoiseKiller Vibrasorb Material

  1. David Wilson

    Hi NK, Great lightweight material. The self adhesive layer is a bonus too, thanks.

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