Egg Box being applied in between battens on deluxe plus system
wall read for install with carpet protector downwall read for install with carpet protector downsound barrier layer and barrier mat layer applied to wallEgg Box being applied in between battens on deluxe plus systemEgg Box open cell foam added to full wallsecond layer of acoustic plaster board fixedfull wall plasteredfull wall plasteredfinished skimmed wall

Noisy Neighbours DELUXE PLUS system

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Noisy neighbours DELUXE PLUS installation price! (price is for 1 sq m or 10.75 sq feet)


Product Description

Our Noisy neighbours no more deluxe PLUS system is even more effective than our deluxe system. The extra layer of open cell acoustic foam is added in between the battens meaning that this system is the same thickness from the wall.

The unwanted sound waves need to be either blocked or absorbed (ideally both!) Our first layer of NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier in the system combines blocking and absorption layers. anti-vibration/blocking of sound and the extra egg box foam provides further absorption. The full system is as follows;-

Class “O” Fire Rated NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier (10mm)

Open cell acoustic foam sandwiched inside two rigid damping sheets for maximum noise reduction.

  • Open cell acoustic foam out performs any wool or fibre type layers and is excellent at absorbing high frequency sounds (i.e.. shouting, arguing, “performing”, children etc).
  • The damping sheets dense mass act as a great blocker of low frequency sounds (i.e.. bass/music) There are two layers of damping sheet layers.

NoiseKiller Barrier Mat (3-4mm)

A heavy duty mouldable polymer damping sheet with a self-adhesive backing and foil facing. The Barrier mat is easy to shape and acts as a further blocker of sound given its dense soundproofing properties.

Battens (18mm)

The battens are used for two reasons, one to provide a vital air gap between the soundproofing and acoustic plasterboard, and two, to provide a secure method of fixing the very heavy/dense plasterboard.

NoiseKiller Egg Box Profile Open cell acoustic foam (20mm but within the batten depth)

A class “O” fire rated sound absorbing acoustic foam with a profiled face. The 20mm profiled face (10 rise/10 fall) gives a greater surface area with which the sound can be absorbed than flat faced foams

2 x Acoustic Plasterboard (25mm)

Acoustic Plasterboard (often known as Db board) out performs any standard plasterboard in terms of acoustic noise reduction. In the deluxe system we double board, so two 12.5mm layers are used

Total depth of system = 56 mm (or just less than 2 ¼ inches)

After the installation of the above layers, our plasterer will fully plaster and skim the wall so its ready to decorate (after approx 3 days drying time).



Please note:-

This item is for the system to be installed within an hours radius to our premises OL2 6DS. (Properties out of this threshold can be discussed but may also incur travelling expenses).

A site visit is mandatory before any installation jobs are booked in.

Any other areas that need attention may increase the price (ex. a radiator needs moving and therefore our plumber would also be needed on the day).

Other examples of areas that may need attention are; light switches, wall lights, electrical sockets, fire places, pipework, dado rails, coving etc


Each domestic installation differs massively, if may be easier to get in touch! please contact us for a quote or to discuss further.


Additional Information

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2 reviews for Noisy Neighbours DELUXE PLUS system

  1. 5 out of 5


    Very pleased to have a soundproofed bedroom now. The new neighbours seem to enjoy arguing and they have a small dog too. Since NK installed the deluxe system I’ve not been disturbed at all at night. Would use them again if we need to for the other adjoining bedroom.

    • :

      Thanks for your feedback and hospitality with the brews! We are so pleased to have helped! All the best!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I dropped lucky in choosing NoiseKiller, what a brilliant set of lads, have to say the silence since the install has been deafening (and I know he’s been in). Your work here has been a game changer for me, peace at last! I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone in the future, all the best to you and your crew and thanks for a great job

    • :

      Thanks for your comments we are glad you can finally live in peace and quiet! Thanks for keeping us refuelled with brews and donuts! NK Team

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