dinitrol rustproofingdinitrol rustproofingdinitrol rustproofingdinitrol rustproofingdinitrol rustproofingdinitrol rustproofing Land Rover diagram
dinitrol rustproofing
dinitrol rustproofing
dinitrol rustproofing
dinitrol rustproofing
dinitrol rustproofing
dinitrol rustproofing
dinitrol rustproofing Land Rover diagram



Vehicle Underseal Protection using Dinitrol (FROM £300)

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NK Group are now proud to offer Rustproofing and Underseal protection services using market leaders Dinitrol.

We can offer underseal treatments for rust prevention, rust protection and rust proofing of rust in new cars, classic cars, buses and all forms of plant commercial vehicles, marine vessels and offshore structures.

What is the importance of rust proofing a vehicle?

Rust proofing a vehicle of any make or size is important to sustain the longevity of the vehicles mechanics and body work. Rust is formed by a combination of water, air and steel, a process in which the water and air break down the composition of the steel. Rust can form on the metal parts of a car, particularly in snowy climates when salt is used to deice roads in winter. Salt also contributes to rust formation.

Rust can begin to spread in all areas of a vehicle and eventually damage your pride and joy.

To complete a through treatment we may need your vehicle up to 4 days (dependent on size, make, model etc). Any competitor who rushes a treatment won’t be doing your pride and joy justice! For this reason we offer a FREE COURTESY CAR while your vehicle is being treated.

Rust is a general term for a series of iron oxides, usually red oxides, formed by the reaction of iron and oxygen in the presence of water or air moisture. Rusting is the common term for corrosion of iron and its alloys, such as steel. Given sufficient time, oxygen, and water, any iron mass eventually converts entirely to rust and disintegrates. The final red product:Fe2O3.H2O

Crash tests have proved that the risk for severe or fatal injuries is by far higher, when travelling in a corroded vehicle.

Dinitrol is a wax which dries to leave a cured soft outer layer, but allows all moving parts underneath to move freely.

DINITROL is a wax which dries to leave a cured soft outer layer where as Waxoyl is a mixture of wax and oil which never cures and continues to be liquid even after many months.

The size and areas you can treat differ on all vehicles, therefore we may need you vehicle for up to 4 days to allow us to rustproof all the areas possible PROPERLY!

YES! We can supply a free courtesy car whilst your car is being treated as we understand the importance of having a vehicle at all times.

The wax stays soft underneath the surface thus allowing the wax to migrate back to cover the damage. This ability also allows for expansion and contraction of steel without cracking.

DINITROL 3125 compares very favourably with Waxoyl 120-4. It has high creep getting into all the nooks and crannies. It also contains a rust inhibitor to neutralize any surface rust it comes in contact with. The big difference is Waxoyl is oil and wax mixed so it never cures and on hot days continues to drip out of any holes left and you will get an odour from the oil. DINITROL is wax and solvent so when the solvent evaporates it leaves only wax which expands and contracts with temperature changes and no smell as we use aromatic solvents. When DINITROL cures it leaves a skin and stays soft underneath allowing it to self heal in all temperatures.

Waxes work by creating a barrier to keep out both air and moisture

VCI means Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor, in other words a volatile prevention of corrosion or anticorrosive. The term VCI inhibitor is understood to mean the working of special volatile linkages into differing carrier materials. Inherent inhibitor vapour pressure causes them to evaporate out of the carrier material and to diffuse within the packaging. They are absorbed onto metal surfaces in the form of an invisible film. Once there, they provide active protection against the breakdown of the passive layer.

We try and be fair about pricing, reflecting the time and materials needed to do a thorough job. We base our pricing not just on the physical bulk of a vehicle but on complexity of structure, and overall condition.

Each rustproofing project differs massively, if may be easier to get in touch! please contact us for a quote or to discuss further.


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