VW Caddy Full Soundproofing Kit


VW Caddy Soundproofing Pre-cut Full Kit covering front and rear

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The full kit covers the following areas:-


As you can see there are 5 different types of soundproofing material in one of our rear VW Caddy kits. These have been specially designed to reduce the different types of sound in the specific areas.
All the parts are already pre-cut to the correct sizes and if are designed to be stuck in place would also have an adhesive backing on the material (so no extra glues needed!)

Please either email us or add a comment in the “comment box” when ordering regarding your vehicles particulars:-

Rear doors; Tailgate or Barn type
Side sliding doors if any
Lastly, which if any are windows and not panels.

Thank You!

Additional information

Weight 40 kg



  1. Michael Peck

    Dear NK Just fitted a complete NK kit to my 2017 VW Caddy 150bhp Highline van. My company produces data acquisition systems for cars so I used a calibrated decibel meter to measure the before and after results. Before, on the same stretch of road, a noise measurement next to driver peaked at 73.4db and after 63.0db. At 4000 rpm in 3rd gear the peak measurement was 75.6db before and 70.5db after fitting. A fantastic and very noticeable difference that transforms the vehicle. Great kit that I will use on sll my vans in the future. Kind regards,

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