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NK Thermal Weldstop © Welding Blankets

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Hot work operations – Welding, brazing, cutting, grinding, sawing, soldering and the use of open flames, can all create the ignition source of a fire.


Sparks and molten globules of metal can fly, or roll, for long distances and come to rest in holes, cracks, or other out of the way places, where they can smoulder before igniting a blaze.

It is imperative that hot work is recognised as a potential danger and that this work is correctly and safely managed. NK Thermal can play an important part in this management, by providing fire and heat protective covers which will shield any combustible materials and isolate areas of work.

Welding Blankets

Capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1500 degrees centigrade, fabricated from textured glass fabric treated with softener to give greater flexibility.

Welding Blankets are available in variety of sizes and can come in 1106 or 1306 grade material (1100 or 1300 grams/m²), please see the drop down menu for options.

Also available in bespoke sizes at various fabric weights.

Other products similar are as follows, please contact us for more details:-

Welding Screens

Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 150 degrees centigrade, manufactured from smooth glass fabric, coated on both sides with black neoprene. An impermeable, rigid texture allows metals to flow off. Available in bespoke sizes, with fixings as required.

High Temperature Curtains

Constructed from flexible, textured glass fabric, capable of withstanding short term temperatures up to 1500 degrees centigrade. Available to order in bespoke sizes, with fixings as required to hang onto your existing frames.

Fire Retardant Canvas Screens

Providing a fully flexible means of isolating work areas adjacent to hot work operations. Fabricated from flame proof, water proof and rot proof green canvas at 16 ounce weight. Available to order in bespoke sizes, with fixings as required.

Nk Thermal can produce custom thermal products to your specification. Alternatively contact us with your required dimensions or drawing and we will design a product for you.

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