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Steve… You are brilliant … Can’t believe what a difference you have made . Crumbs .. I can hear the radio at speed now ! Linda is so chuffed too .

Have you any more tweaks I could have before my next trip in late August ? So it’s as quiet as a Rolls haha…

Hope you can help

Tim (In France still!)

Hi Grant.

Sorry for the delay in replying, I’ve only now checked my e-mail.

The work done by you and your team has improved the quality of my life, and cut sound transmission in the treated wall by at least half.

I hope you and your family are now all well, and thanks again for the work.

Mike Baynham.

Hi Grant,

Thanks for doing such a brilliant job, and for taking and e-mailing the pictures. You can see how seamless the whole process was, and how clean and tidy the end results are. My Mum spoke highly of you all too. First impressions of the sound reduction are very favourable as well!

Thanks again for an excellent job, and please pass on our gratitude to the other guys.

Cheers, Anthony

Hi Steve, we want push your products because your support is very very good !

we want ” clean ” our website to make it easier for customer to order NK Products !

Henrik (Stock & Stein, Germany)

Thanks for getting back to me Steve. I’ll be using the material on a party wall with a neibour. We used some years ago and it was a black rubber flexible foam matt with a sticky peel off back, came in sheets 1m x 2m and maybe 12mm. I think it was called ‘Absorbnblock’ or some such name. It did dampen the noise down considerably. Do you still sell this product?

regards, Richard

Yes Richard we can still supply the Absorbnblock material, although we have a better system now that may be more effective for you, please have a look at our new domestic pages

Excellent, thanks Grant. We have an old bank safety deposit box (not looted, my father in law worked in a bank!)
I’ll put the wallets in that and the box in a metal filing cabinet, that should do it.
I fear the national extinguish time may be about to rise a bit after the events of the last few nights!

Hi David

Thanks for your comments.

You are quite right, you can extend the amount of time it takes a fire to burn the wallet by simply placing in a draw (a metal cabinet is even better).

It currently withstands a fire by approx. 40 mins (national extinguish average time was less than 10 mins)

Regards, Grant (NK Group)
Hi Grant,

Thanks for your email. Looking forward to receiving the wallets.

I found your site via Google and decided against getting a fireproof box as well.

Do you recommend the use of a box with your wallets? I don’t want a safe, something portable is what I’m after.

Regards, David Hewett

Please have a read of the full review ——> PLEASE CLICK HERE

At the bottom of the review…..

So does is work?

The big question is off course does it work, will the Noisekiller material kill the noises inside the Land Rover? The answer is yes, there has been a very noticeable drop in noise in my Series Land Rover vehicle. Although it will never become as silent as a more modern Land Rover it does help a lot to make life a more comfortable. It’s a good investment and the kit is very easy to fit. No tools required except a knife for some trimming

Hi Steve,

Members of the Highlandubbers VW Club have used ‘Barrier Mat’ on the Cab wheel arches, front panel and door skins. Sound Barrier on the Cab Floor and floor above the engine compartment. The difference is brilliant, comments by members include ” I can now hear my Wife comment on my driving”   and “Now I don’t have to look for a stereo with a level 11 volume control ” Highly recommended by all members that have used it. I have also found Noisekiller products invaluable in my MG Midget.

Cheers Iain Hamilton

Hi Steve, You soundproofed one of my vans around 7 years ago and I now need my new van soundproofed. I no longer travel up to your area so I will have to fit the stuff myself. Can you please email me prices for the materials? My van is a 2009 Volkswagen T5 Kombi. Hope your still busy and doing well.

Andy Clements

Very impressed with my Marine Engine Blanket!

Jamie Berry

Thanks for contacting me with price and delivery by phone next week. I took delivery of the motor home today and found that, despite it being a 2003 model, it already has one of your kits in! So I won’t be ordering. Thanks for the speedy response though – a company that responds!

Colin Allison

I have to say I’m really impressed with the soundproofing you sent for my Hillman Imp. I used the foil-faced sheet and the egg box material and made a custom parcel shelf and covered the under side of it with the egg box. It cut out so much of the noise in side the cabin. I have posted a review on the Hillman Imp Club website

David Edge, Jersey

I find the noise in my wife’s 2010 Dodge Journey 2.0 TDi diesel very intrusive.

I saw a post on the Dodge Journey Forum ( with the author recommending a medium-size blanket over the engine so I’m thinking of ordering one of those.

Is there anything else that I can add to reduce the noise coming from the engine bay as the rest of the car seems fine?

Please also outline the shipping costs to Southern Ireland.

Many thanks, John

Hi. I used your sound deadening kit in my 1963 1300 (very) lowered VW Beetle recently and thought you may like to know the results? I removed the rear seats, carpeting and door cards, covered that whole area and then refitted everything as it was (bearing in mind of course the engine/gearbox is behind and beneath this). Before install and at a tickover of 800rpm my dB meter showed around 72dB and with a little blip of the throttle to 1500rpm I got about 83db. After install this dropped by 5dB across the board. Very happy with this and i’ll definitely be ordering more to do the front of the car too.

Cheers, Karl

We had endured three years of almost constant noise from morning to night and especially at weekends.Most of the noise came from running and shouting. We came to the conclusion we needed some form of sound insulation to the party wall of our semi-detached house.I researched online to see what the alternative methods and products available.We interviewed three companies and looked at their products and selected Noisekiller Group as they appeared the most professional and their quotation was not the highest or lowest.The installation took one day with a team of well organised craftsmen ,our house was well protected during the work and left clean on completion.We are very happy with the result and the noise has been substantially reduced.I would not hesitate to recommend this company.

GF Altrincham June 2014

Cheers, Karl

Dear “NK Noise Killer “,

hereby the comments of a VERY satisfied customer after a “test period” of nearly
6 months now. I purchased one of the last Defender TD5’s and it was a bad sur-
prise that it was a “loud machine” 🙂

Thinking about the sound proofing I bought years ago to make a RR Classic more
comfortable I ordered some square meters of the noise killer mats at your company.

Well, after fitting the mats under the upholstery it was an amazing difference, noise
reduction is really unbelievable and I have no idea why Land Rover doesn’t use
the noise killing mats on their new Defender’s ?

Pro’s: *very cheap compared to the products I used before.
*easy to cut and no dust or other spills !
*glue is SUPERB, when fitting I realised to be carefull, when the
mat is on it’s place it will stay there for ever.
*noise reduction of at least 40% according to the measurements
we did with a ( industrial and calibrated ! ) decibel meter.
*water resistent, this is one of the best points when driving a Defender 🙂
*under bonnet noise reduction set: fitted perfecly.
*instructions very clear.
*last but not least: fast delivery and well packed for a VERY nice
price. ( Important for a Dutchman 🙂

Contra’s : till now none and this was the third set I used on my Land Rover
car’s. I am sure my next Defender will become a noise killer set
of your brand !

Best regards from J.W. Meesen.
( the Netherlands ).

P.S. no problem that you put this information on your website, I think your
product can make life of “Land Rover man and woman” more comfortable.

Hi Johannis, Thank you very much for your kind and honest words. They are much appreciated! You definitely made a few people here happy today! Also thanks for your permission, I will add your comments to our testimonials page next week on our website to help other customers. All the best and have a nice day!

Dear Sir,

it is as it is, so I hope more people find their way to your product(s) because
they give the ownership of a Land Rover a big step forward ! Continue your
quality in service and product and price will never be an option for the average
Land Rover owner 🙂

Best regards from J.W. Meesen.