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Correctly setting up a Centinel Clutch Claw

Our Centinel Clutch Claw is the best in-car security device of its type currently in the market. No other similar device can compete with its; ease of use, universal aspect, strength, ease of storage, attack time or success rate.

Like any new purchase, it can sometimes seem daunting when you start to set it up, but with the clutch claw you really shouldn’t be worried.

Once carefully set up it will be dedicated to your pedals meaning you only have to do the initial set up once (unless you change your vehicle! which is another advantage over other products).

The Centinel Clutch Claw comes with full fitting instructions, complete with our contact details in case you get stuck. There is also a handy video that walks you the through the whole process from opening the box to securing the clutch claw actually on the pedals.

Setting up your clutch claw video…..


The clutch claw fits almost all vehicles (as long as there is approx 3″ or 75 mm of gap between the top of the pedals and the bottom of the dash). With over 15 years sales in the Land Rover, Motor home and hundreds of different cars and vans the clutch claw has hardly deviated from the initial design by previous owner John White. The last addition was the flashing L.E.D unit which seems small at first but is very prominent at night time to any potential thief looking through the window. The design and success definitely falls into the old saying “if its not broke don’t try and fix it!”

We occasionally get asked regarding the fit on a Land Rover. Land Rover in their wisdom installed the clutch and brake pedals at different heights form the floor. This means the claw sits slightly on an angle and dependant on how its set up or the different floor mats can seem a little loose. As long as you have the tightest fit you can possibly achieve then you will still prevent the pedals being depressed even with a little bit of movement so don’t worry as you level of security isn’t compromised in any way. The vehicle in the video above is a Land Rover. A customer recently sent me the following photos of the fit on his pedals to check it was all correct….

clutch claw fit on a Land Roverclutch claw fit on a Land Rover











The photo on the left shows how the clutch claw fits slightly on an angle on Land Rover Defender pedals which is perfectly normal! The photo on the right shows a nice tight fit/short distance between the yellow top box and the plate the pegs passes through.

Another advantage the clutch claw has is that it can be modified if necessary to achieve a better fit. There is only two types of vehicle we are aware of that needs this particular modification and its 1) Ford Transit 2006-2013, 4th generation facelift model and 2) Fiat Ducato 2014 onwards. These two vehicles have fitted the pedals very close to the floor and lowered the dash on this model which means for the clutch claw to fit a couple of the parts need to be shortened. If you mention that your have this model when you order, we can modify the parts free of charge for you. Luckily the latest Ford Transit 2013 onwards is back to normal pedals and the normal clutch claw fits fine again.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Here follows some more examples of the clutch claw fit on various pedals….

Securing a Subaru ImprezaSecuring a Land Rover

Securing a peugeot boxerclutch claw on latest Ford Transit














Hi Grant.

Just to let you know that I have taken delivery of the Clutch Claw and spent an hour today assembling it and making sure all was correct.

I’m pleased to report that it all went together exactly as per the instructions and online video and looks to be a truly excellent product – in-keeping with the recommendations I have read so far!

I will have great pleasure in producing the editorial coverage for the product and will forward copies to you.

Many thanks once again for your help, Kind regards

Martin Port (classicLandrover.com)

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